Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So many thoughts, so little time...

Three weeks to go. Exactly 3 weeks.

Panic mode has set in. And by panic I mean, panicking about all the little things that I haven't thought of yet that need to be thought of before we leave so nothing is forgotten. Because it *is* possible for one person to think of everything so long as she thinks reeeeeeeeally hard.

I always thought that as the date drew closer I would be writing more. I suppose if I treated this blog more like a diary then I would be because my "things to write about if this blog was a diary" list is super long and would include such post titles as:

- why I *need* to own yarn for every conceivable project form here until next summer
- why I *need* to procure as many Mexican style shirts and dresses for the children as possible
- why I *need* to stop buying stuff because it's not all going to fit
- why I feel like there must be something that is going to keep us from going because is it really possible that this is actually going to happen?
                                      - personal tragedy
                                      - some weird immigration snafu
                                      - some weird natural catastrophe
                                      - really this is an opened ended category
- why do people never use their blinkers... or speed up to get on the highway? (speed UP to get on...UP, not down, UP, ok? ok. )
- why I have no motivation to keep a clean house (what's the point?... wrong attitude...I know, I know)
- how will all the home repairs get done on time, in time to sell, and possibly without us here. Insanity.
- why hasn't our car left the port yet? hmmmm? (not a huge deal...yet)
- why does the milk have to taste different in Poland?! I don't *want* it to taste different! (imagine foot stomping and pouting)?
- how many more times will I hear that it's so cold in Poland that you don't even need to bring summer clothes?
- how I wish our move wan't the only thing people asked about
- how I wish the move wasn't the only thing I can think about
- how only thinking about the move makes you and everyone around you sort of crazy, especially small children who feel the stress but don't understand, so they just scream, and fight, a lot.
- how much I'm going to miss our school community
- how much I'm going to miss my friends, like Melissa
- how much I'm going to miss the heat, which I curse and bless in the same breath
- how much I just want to sit on a porch, drink iced tea and knit for 12 hours straight because it's peaceful
- how much I want these 3 weeks to be over

boo hoo, Olivia. Your diary is super boring and depressing. Although that bit about the blinkers, that would have been a funny one I bet.

And now I'm talking in the 3rd person.

 The truth. The truth is, everything is actually going really well. Everything is on schedule, everyone is healthy, and everything will get done on time or at least within a few days of us leaving. We have wonderful family and friends who have helped us along the way and will continue to do so. I have sold almost all our furniture and electronics for real money, which is always good, and there is not a single point where I have regretted our decision. Also a plus.

There just isn't enough time or resources to do all the things I keep thinking of  things that "must be done" before we leave. Most of them are just those panicky "what if I never come back to Texas" thoughts. Which is hogwash. That's right, hogwash! Because we'll most likely be back in 18 months to visit family.

Ain't nothin' gonna change in 18 months so much that it cain't wait. Them's the truth.

I would like to update our plans more. I don't know who really cares about the details of our house being renovated for the sell, or how we are never gonna get everything to fit into 5 suitcases (which we don't even own yet!).  But that's ok. This is also a blog just for documenting a little bit of everything we have done to get us to this point. So it will be written.

Let me leave you with this short and fun video of me catching a fish (bucket list!) over the weekend in the most outrageous "Texas outfit (given to me by my lovely family...notice the boots!)" you will ever see me wear. Because chances are, it will never happen again (the outfit, not the fish).


  1. I love ur outfit and the boots too...:)

    Dobra ryba:)

    On polish highways they always speed up:)...they even speed up when there's no highway:P


    1. Hahaha... yes, I hear they are infamous for fast driving. It won't be long until they are yelling at me to speed up!

  2. Oh Olivia

    I can sympathise with how you feel. But it is possible to get through it. We have done it... almost two month ago we moved to beautiful Poland. It has been lovely weather and compared to the UK really quite HOT. So take the summer clothes! :-)

    Much love from Gdansk.

    1. Thank you, Janine. These weeks are going to fly by, they already are. It is all becoming more real and I am feeling a little "out of body" at the moment trying to do everything physically and take a step back from it all and take mental pictures to remember some things that we never will have again, like our house. So much at one time.

  3. If Poland is like Michigan, and I think it is, you will have EVERY kind of weather. Every single kind. Super fun! :)

    1. I know! I am looking forward to it. I really really am. There may be days where I curse the snow and rain but then all the more glorious will those warm summer days be. Living!