Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's lighten the mood: Giveaway!

That last post was such a  drag I feel the need to give things away for free to make up for it.  So, today until next Friday, I am offering one pair of 'Ove Gloves to one lucky person.

These are  'Ove gloves.

'Ov Gloves and a delicious apple pie. That pie was fresh out of a 375 degree oven, folks. Don't try this with your mother's oven mitt!

 The most awesome things for putting on your hands to get hot stuff out of the oven ever invented. I have a short list of kitchen items that I will be taking. The 'Ov Gloves are at the top of that list. Everyone should own a pair of these. In fact, once you use them, traditional oven mitts will seem like a thing of the past because *these,* my friends, are the future. Except they are *also* now, and they could be yours!

Contest Rules: Leave a comment AND AN EMAIL ADDRESS (you can send this privately if you want, to my email address, but I have to have one in case you win so I can get your shipping info.) with one question you would like me to answer pertaining to the subject matter at hand. So, you know, questions about us moving to Poland or anything on the blog you'd like to know more about. The sky's the limit. Is there somethign you would like to know? Need to know? Just curious about?

Contest ends next Friday at 5pm Central Time.
Winner will be chosen on Friday evening, at random, using

 If you win the 'Ove gloves, I answer your question to the best of my ability. (And I may or may not answer a few of the other ones just for fun). If you live in the U.S. they will be shipped within a couple days of contest ending. If you live in Europe I will be waiting until we get there to save on shipping...if you live in another Continent, I'll do my darnedest, but rest assured they will arrive sometime this summer....thank you for your patience.

Good Luck!

Giveaway closed!
Winner iiiiiiiiiiis....ddd!!!  You win! It was stiff competition but you managed to hang in there and remain victorious! Congratulations.  


  1. You know my e-mail. Will you be able to walk to a market or will you need to drive? I still don't know exactly where your in-laws' place is located in relation to the rest of Krakow....

    1. Thank you for playing! Your odds of winning are looking pretty good. ;)