Monday, August 20, 2012

Our weekend.

Friday Night: Making Plum-filled dumplings. Kacio helped.
Fine form, boy.

Tasted great. More dumpling than you are supposed to have but *somebody* was too lazy to go get more plums and so, not wanting to waste dough...

 Saturday Morning
Nothin' like starting Saturday morning with a  fresh hen from an Uncle's farm. Into the pot for Chicken broth. Simmer all day.

Parking at the Galeria. Martin moving the car to a more "open" spot to avoid theft. Paranoid much?

Top floor...huge mall. Huge.

Right out those windows is our destination...

 ...that's right, the Creamy Wagon. The picture on the side is exactly what you get.
Martin and I got one to split. The children had licks.

A couple Obwarzanek for the road...

...the road. Florianska street. Little Lina and a helpful Felix.

Barbakan! The last remaining gate to the entrance to the city.  Martin teaching some history.

A sideways video of the children attacking the city gate. Very convincing. NOT!

Sharing the legend of the Mariacki Cathedral.

Two brother were building the Cathedral. One brother, the younger, began to build his tower faster. The older brother, in jealousy, killed his younger brother and was sentenced to life in prison. The knife that did it hangs in the Sukienice...

...the knife that did it. 

Too much walking for so little a girl.

At the Wawel Castle. Looking out over the Wisła. River.

Wisła River, and Hejjo with a weird face.

Stop that, you two! You're making me look bad! 

In the Dragon's den deep in the castle. 

A balloon for sightseeing and a blinding sight.

Felix running back when he heard the word, "nectarine." He has been likened to a  fruit bat. 
Taking a break, eating a snack. In the Planty, the park around the Old Town.

The children's turn for ice cream. This woman was mesmerized by Lina and gave her a cone for free. Really?  As if she couldn't get any harder to live with...oh well...


Mass in English every Sunday, 10:30am. We try to go here every other Sunday and Polish Mass every other Sunday.  Also, English Confession on Thursday nights.

A really lovely, tiny, little Church. I love it. It makes me think of what it must have been like in the earlier days of Christianity. Intimate and almost secret.

Lunch after mass.

Walking back to our car down a "secret" short cut. One of the prettiest streets in all of the Old Town...or so they say. I agree.

 A really great weekend. The first one, in a while, that has been so relaxing and easy.
 I hope for many more like it.


  1. Nice trip :) Feels good to see some pics of Krakow... I miss it sometimes. Btw, I also always liked that "secret" road ;)

    1. It is the perfect place to get out of the crowds and stroll.

  2. Don't worry about your car. Nobody wants to steal American cars. Trust me, I have 2 of them. While we were on vacation, my neighbor was taking car of our cars and our home. Everything was fine, except somebody stole her car :(

    The next time you are in the center for dinner try Kuchnia u Doroty on Augustiańska.

    PS Could you remove the security feature for leaving comments? I removed it on my blog and I haven't received any more "junk" comments than before.

    1. I didn't know I had a security feature...hmmm... I'll look into that.

    2. Car theft is really the only crime I worry about here. Martin's car was stolen about 8 years ago,and then they found it and it was fine, tires missing of course, but otherwise fine. Although, if what you say is true then I'm not going to worry so much anymore, let the thieves deal with the cost of adding the fog lamps to the rear of the car!

  3. Well, about car you are a little paranoid (and parking like that is just wrong ;)). Buy insurance and stop thinking so much. I do know nobody whose car was stolen. Really.
    I know you think Poland=car thieves, but it is not so common as you think. Pickpocketing is bigger problem. :)

    1. POland = car thieves. Italy = pick pockets.
      America = gun violence. Spain = getting run over by a bull!

    2. Oh no! Wait! He didn't park it there! He was just moving it from a spot that was more hidden to one that was more in the open. I was just making fun of him for being so paranoid. I would *never* let him park it right in the middle, I already feel self conscious enough about our huge car taking up so much space everywhere we go!

  4. I would rather suggest just to leave valuables in car on sight and it should be fine

  5. Oh man, miss you guys. Totally wish we could be there.