Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feast of the Assumption... święto Matki Boskiej Zielenj

Today is the Feast of the Assumption, commemorating and celebrating the day that Mary, Mother of Christ, was taken to heaven, body and soul. In Poland it is a national holiday, all the shops are closed and all the Churches are full. It is also a day here where you bring flowers and herbs to be blessed, plant life, fruits and nuts, these types of things.

I have yet to really experience a Theological holiday in Poland and this is as close as we have come so far. Our Mass was standing room only and they have Masses being said all day every 1.5 hours. Many people brought bouquets to be blessed, including us (thanks to Babcia).  It was a nice Mass, with a rather American Idol-esque Polish rendition of the Ave Maria during Communion, but overall it was lovely, with a special blessing on all our bouquets and a priest who was quite eager to make sure that not a single bouquet was missed during his sprinkling of Holy Water.

I also wanted to take a few pictures so that you can see the inside of the Church down the street from our house. This is where Martin went to Mass growing up and where we will attend Mass every other Sunday and other Holy days, unless we are visiting family. The other Sundays we will be going to the English Mass in the Old Town.

People walking to Church, so many trails coming from all the apartment houses heading straight to the Church and back, through the woods.

There are no books or pamphlets to let you know the readings or follow along with the prayers. You just have to pay attention. (Which is easy since no Polish children ever cry or talk during Mass, ever. Except Kacio of course, it must be his American side.)The songs are projected onto the wall for all to sing along. I knew this one! (this was the end of Mass song)

During every single Polish Mass we have been to there has been at least one confessional  with a priest hearing confessions throughout the Mass. There is always a line.

The herbs and flowers being carried by women in traditional Polish folk dress. 

The altar. This Church is called "Church of the Divine Mercy" so of course it has the image of the Divine mercy above the altar set into a structure to resemble a monstrance. There is a red light above the tabernacle to remind us that the Eucharist is present and an open Bible. I really like the open Bible, it reminds me of the Torah at the front of a Jewish synagogue. The red light...meh, I prefer candles.

This was side area with the Baptismal font and a beautiful window. As well as a large picture of St. Gianna Molla. Lina and I had a moment to ourselves here.

A fountain outside the front of the Church. Such a large area.

The Church, at least one side of it. The whole complex is huge and has many other buildings. Dad, you would love this Church. Lots of concrete!

Gratuitous shot of Adelina.


  1. My boyfriend had a chance lately to attempt at a polish baptism mass (he's not catholic). He was surprised with "karaoke" in a church as he called the projected lyrics :)

    1. haha! yes, it does take a way a bit from the beauty of it all, but what are you gonna do? I have to give them points for efficiency!

  2. Adelina is so beautiful :)

  3. i am sure you just misspelled - zielnej, missed one e in there....
    we never did that when growing up, and my mother is Catholic

    1. Darn it! Martin even spelled it out loud for me but I just couldn't do it right. Oh Well, thanks for letting me know!

      You know, it might be a southern Poland thing. I am beginning to see that there is quite difference between southern Poland, and the rest of Poland. Sort of like in the U.S.....

  4. The picture of the front of the church reminds me of that church on The Omen where the kids freaks out.

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