Friday, May 18, 2012

Red Poppies - Mak

The red poppy, or "corn-poppy" is the unofficial official flower of Poland. I love red poppies (red is my favorite color). I think they're beautiful, and I first saw them in America, not Poland. I am looking forward to seeing fields of them, as I have been told exist, in some areas of Poland. Much like this...

Image Detail

... and so, as a compromise, as Martin cringes every time I try to insert some sort of "girly" background to my blog (yes, *my* blog, but still, we are "one flesh" and what not...he also "approves" every post that might be mildly controversial, so if you get offended, blame him for not censoring me enough), we have the Poppy background, and I quite like it.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not at all, but actually quite deliberately, playing around with blog backgrounds and columns and widths of columns and color palettes is a really great way to avoid doing anything you *need* to be doing to move your entire family across an entire ocean.

I am pooped. I can't move from my comfy bed, and I quit Facebook last week. What else is a girl to do?

On a completely different note... Martin is currently researching Polish castles, in good shape, for a total of 75,000 American dollars. "Hey, Martin, if I'm not a farmer, then you're not a King!"


  1. I've never seen as many red poppies as I've seen here. They are beautiful when one sees them from a train.

    You may know that in Britain, red poppies are the main symbol of commemoration of those who died in WW1 and then subsequent wars.

    1. I am looking forward to it!

      I didn't know about the connection to WWI, but I do know about the connection to the WWII German stronghold that the Poles defeated at Monte Cassino, and the song. Martin knows the song.

  2. A castle for 75000? We may join you in Poland. Details!

    1. It's true. They have half way decent, not too dilapidated, and beautiful castles, for not much American dollars. Of course, I asked him why we weren't just moving into a castle and he responded, "they're int he middle of nowhere, no one wants to live there." Uhh... if I can get a couple friends to join me I say we just start a nice, normal, completely not weird, commune, in a huge castle, in the Polish countryside. You only live once!