Thursday, April 26, 2012

I told you so!!!

My weather predictions, so far, are completely on target.

 I have clearly missed my calling.

In other news, that Progressive Direct chick is kind of creepin' me out...


  1. Tommy takes the heat with him wherever he goes. Warmest winter in Michigan history? Blame it on Tommy!

    1. Clearly you are forbidden (or at least Tommy is forbidden) to come to Poland during the summers. There is no A/C there, Dwija, no A/C...

    2. And before Martin chimes in and blasts me for spreading lies... A/C does exist in Poland, it's just that the house we will be living in doesn't have it. OK, I've done my duty.

  2. Please ask your husband to explain Polish "long weekends" to you. To entice - my students have 9 days off for this year's Majówka and call it a long weekend.

    We are all excited about the weather report :)

  3. Now we have a very nice weather ;)
    I love majówka, because I have a a free 6 days .