Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inspiration for our own home.

We have a lot to do between now and July 11th. Remember the post about the car. It was part 1 of 2 parts...still can't write the second part because we still don't know what we're going to do about that. And remember the whole shipping some things over and how it will get there... Martin's new plan is slightly crazy and makes my shoulders go up around my ears, which is Olivia talk for ANXIETY. I'll fill you in on that little plan soon, possibly tomorrow.

But today, because it's supposed to be my day off, even though I spent most of the day comforting a sick Kociula bub, I did have a chance to look at some images that are a reflection of what we hope to be able to have in Poland some day.

Some eye candy if you just so happen to have the same taste in architecture and house innards as I do. I love looking on and for inspiration...

I love this. I dont care if that makes me weird or "artsy.". Look at the size of those sticks in that pot! I dont love that.  to see more of this house.

This is just a smidge too country for me but I like the idea. White walls with wood on the ceiling and floors. Lots of light and open spaces but cozy at the same time. to see more of this house

And I love me some Dworki! ("Dworek" is a style of home popular in Poland about 200 year ago, traditionally with a thatched roof and columns in the front framing the doorway and a small porch. I dont like the columns so much but I have seen several styles that make them look good. What I do particularly like are the roof lines on the traditional Dworki)

Traditional rooflines on a "vintage" Dworek

Dworek w Palowicach - rok 1974
Ok, so this one is technically a palace but just think slightly (or a lot) smaller, and a little cleaner.

While I wait for everyone to peel their eyes off the ceiling from rolling them so high I will take this time to share that I realize all these homes come from a ritzy magazine and are built by, most likely, eccentric and rich individuals. I don't care. You gotta get your inspiration from somewhere.  How do you combine a French farmhouse feel with a Polish cottage-y exterior with an American sized kitchen? I don't know. But we'll figure it out!


  1. Of all of them, I think that first picture is my favorite. I'd happily live in that house!

  2. I don't know if you haven't heard about this blog yet, but i truely recommend when it comes to living in a village and beautiful house :) Full of inspirations

  3. Dworki are amazing. They have amazing style and character ;)