Monday, October 31, 2011

The Stuff Board (introduction): Part 1- a trip back in time

 I am such an expert at making lists (as referenced in this post about being overwhelmed just for any newbies out there) that there are lists everywhere, all over my house, and a plethora of notebooks, computer files, phone "notes" all covered in lists. Lists for Christmas presents from 4 years ago, lists of birthing supplies for Lina's birth, lists of knitting materials for that one scarf for Hejjo, and many, many, many lists, for Poland.

And then, one day, I got frustrated. I wasn't overwhelmed with the many things I had to do, I was overwhelmed with the many lists that were piling up.No master list. No one ultimate place where all info. was contained.

I thought about a Smartphone. (too expensive/overkill)
I thought, my computer. (too inconvenient (you know you're lazy when your computer becomes "inconvenient"...sheesh) )
I thought about some sort of online "list holding place" to be accessed from anywhere. (but what happens if the apocalypse happens and the whole "Cloud" thing, or whatever all that mess is, gets deleted from cyberspace? (never mind if the apocalypse happens and there will be no need for my lists...never mind that)

Nah. None of those would do.

So, I got old school on the list dilemma. I bought a big old poster board,in a traditional white background. I slapped some packing tape on the corners (the fancy kind in the blue dispenser with the bad smell and the incredibly sharp tearing-tape-teeth know what I'm talking about), and hung it on the wall. And here is my master list... very 1985.

Not quite Marty, but close...close...

Behold.... The Stuff Board:

It has been torn down its fair share of times by my baby who was born just yesterday and is already about to be 1 year. But I hang it back up, higher.  I add to it when I can, when I remember. And I scratch things off when I get around to it/them.

I appreciate the nostalgic feel of the poster board and sharpie pens approach. It's quicker than getting out my computer and opening a file. Ditto for a phone app. It's simple and basic. If it was good enough for our ancestors, it's good enough for me. And if the apocalypse does happen then I can always refashion it into extra underwear for my family or perhaps a sail for a small water craft to take us across the melted ice caps. Either way, it works best for us, and it holds the precious list(s). 

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  1. Nice idea with the poster board! I like being old fashioned like that as well.