Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Stuff Board: Part 2 Buying stuff and Princesses

see all those question marks? yeah, they make me nervous too. 

Oh... I know what you're all saying... "you should save the best for last." 

You know what I say to that?


So here we have the most exciting section of the Stuff Board (for me anyway). The TO BUY section. All of the listed items are things that we need before our departure date, or things that are cheaper here, or things that are just easier to get here.

And yes, to some (Martin), it doesn't seem so exciting. It represents $$$ signs, and more stuff to move but sometimes...sometimes... buying stuff is just exciting, and necessary...

I am giddy with excitement at the thought of a new camera that doesn't need to be charged every other picture, and a computer that can actually create Word Documents. school stuff!!!! Lots and lots of new school stuff... curriculum, new books, workbooks, Montessori materials, a little of this, a little of that... in Polish and English! (because home-schooling in Poland is way easier to do than we thought)....SO EXCITED... seriously. (We have been putting off the school stuff until we knew our plans for schooling next year, and now that we know for sure I am on the internet at  home-schooling sites like a kid in a candy store. It's a good thing I have my credit card number memorized, it makes things much more convenient! ;)) 

I know that this list will be getting longer as the date approaches, and soon we will have to "bite the bullet" (Martin) and start "adding stuff to our cart" (ME!)  but for now, I am technically on a "buying stuff" hiatus until we absolutely have house is crusting over with boxes of half packed items, goods to give away, and junk brought home from every where under the sun by my children. Imagine a freezer that needs to be defrosted and I am that long lost t.v. dinner waaaay in the back. Yeah, like that, except less convenient and less delicious.

On a related note, sort of.

Speaking of buying stuff. I have a confession. One for the books. 

I have been raising my little girl, my precious Bina Fina Adelina, a little boy. No, no, not like these people, obviously, but definitely on the other end of the spectrum from, well, Disney Princesses, fairy wings, tea sets, and everything pink. 

I have absolutely nothing against Princesses, Disney or otherwise. I have no feminist notions against tea sets or dressing up in high heels. No, the biggest reasons why? Pure and simple, lack of space (I can barely get through the house to my own kitchen, how in the world will I fit one in for her too?) and, a personal, selfish aversion, to the color pink. (Like how little girls are decked out in bright pink from head to toe. You know why it looks strange... BECAUSE IT IS. No adult dresses like that!)

BUT, lately, Lina's been having a bit of a rough time. Not just "she's 2 and will grow out of it" rough. Martin and I have been talking about it a lot. And today, after talking to the extremely friendly French woman, and mother of two daughters, at Target, he (Martin) and I,  and she (the French woman at Target) all came to the same conclusion.. Lina needs more Princesses, fairy wings, tea sets, and PINK, in her life. That's all there is to it. She is the third child behind some very boyish boys. She has been playing *around* the boys since she could walk, but never really *with* them. Which means that at any given moment she is just wandering around the house getting into trouble, not able to find a space, or object, that sparks her imagination among the trains and cars, and Legos and Lincoln Logs. And I think it's because.... shhhh.....(whispering)....she's a girl.

So, today we went to Target to look at toys, at some things that piqued her interest, as possible gifts just for her, for Christmas (I'm thinking maybe a tea set and some dress up clothes that are not  Disney princess per se, but def. princess-y, have you seen those prices??!!). In the clothing section I offered to let her buy some new pajamas (since right now she is wearing camouflage dinosaur p.j.'s to bed every night) and she immediately chose this...

Disney® Princess Toddler Girls' Night Gown - Pink.Opens in a new window

I persuaded her to exchange it for something a bit more comfortable since I figured the pink mesh might not be the best for sleeping, and she said "ok," put the frilly one back, settled for the more practical pair (still princesses!) and we pressed on. And just as we're leaving, she looks at me and says, " Actually, Mommy, I don't really like this," and holding up the practical p.j.'s. "Ok Lina, let's go back and choose something you do like." (all the time thinking that she is just being silly and difficult and wants to spend more time looking around instead of going home). We place them back on the rack and she immediately goes for the frilly one again, no hesitation. And the rest, is history.

And, to make myself feel better, I have just added "Disney Princess pajamas" to my TO BUY list, and scratched it off.  Yeaaaaaaah, progress. 


  1. I started out the same way with Caroline and I don't even have boys. It's inevitable and if I'm being honest, it's helped me to dress a little more like a girl myself...

  2. Hi. Our Lizzie had eliminated all the pink from her wardrobe herself and replaced it with gray...luckily Rosie likes pink.

    Regarding your "to buy" list - except for the homeschool stuff, I would buy all the rest here.


  3. Hi Olivia :)
    Clothes, for both children and adults, are cheaper in the USA, for sure. We do not have "clearance" and "on sale" events in Poland. If something is "on sale" it's like 10 % cheaper than a regular price. But, Polish clothes (not made in China) are very nice and made well although they are still expensive comparing to American clothes.

  4. Chris, yes, I was wondering about what to buy here and there. The Brita filter,... I think Martin just wasn't sure if they were easy to find in Poland (or something like it)...we just don't know I guess is the conclusion there. So just in case, we buy before we come, but definitely easier to buy there if possible...

    I am assuming that some things will just be easier to get here, more variety, cheaper, or, as in the case of the camera and laptop, I just need those sooner than May, so they get added to the list.
    I know that kids stuff is more expensive in Poland, we've tried to buy things there like cribs and clothes and it was impossible. Little variety and really expensive but I do think some of that has changed in the last 3 years.

    Kama! Yes, we will probably be doing most shopping for kid stuff here in the US as a general rule. When we visit we can bring it back with us or have family bring it when they visit.

    Thanks for your comments, they are very helpful!

  5. Do you know what Katie's first toys were? Three plastic tonka trucks and a rubber alligator. Because Tommy bought them at the grocery store and HE thought they looked fun. She never, every played with those blasted things. And then Lizzy didn't either. Do you know who finally DID play with them? Paul. This stuff is for real, folks. They *actually* like different stuff!

    FWIW, all genders of children have a great time with tea sets in our house. They feel very grown up serving food and playing host/hostess. It's a good option for everyone!

  6. Yes, I think the tea set will go a long way. I can't wait to get a few things off craigslist and set it up for her special. My cousin in law also has a bag of FREE princess costume stuff she is going to let us have!!!!! Can you believe the good luck?

  7. One year when I was about 6 my aunt gave me a chest of clothes that were these beautiful old dresses. One was a legitimate princess type dress, one looked like a peasant girl work dress with an apron, there were some gold heels and an old timey hat with a veil attached. I have no idea where she got these but they blew any cheapo princess dress out there now out of the water. I cherished those dresses because they were "real" and not costumes. I highly recommend checking out thrift stores (OR MAKE THEM YOU SUPER TALENTED BITCH) and stuff for something like that. I plan to do that for Caroline. Not only are the princess dressed SO EXPENSIVE they are unbelievably cheap and fall apart so fast. Good luck. We are in solidarity for sure.

  8. YES! I really do want to make some myself. When I was little we dressed up in my moms cheap jewelry, slips, and our Easter hats. It was great. That was a little before Disney Princesses were marketed so heavily I think. I could def. alter some already existing thrift store finds. Good Idea!

  9. Chris here again. I would definitely bring a converter for any of the equipment/appliances that you'd like to use and already have. I wouldn't buy more equipment/appliances in the US that have to be used with a converter. I used to work for an American company and I watched as our "big bosses" got so fed up with using their laptops with converters that they just bought new laptops to use in Poland. Electronics are cheaper in the US but maybe not cheap enough to make it worth fussing with a converter and shutting down for a break when the converter gets too hot.

    About clothes, the whole "sales" thing has really hit Poland, so it may not be worth it to buy extra stuff in the US unless you got it at a really good price -that excludes shoes. Shoes in the States still seem to be cheaper. Oh look, I have given you a good excuse to go shoe shopping. Enjoy! :)

    The Brita filters can be bought at any grocery store. They range from 15-20 zl for one filter depending on the model.

    About the stroller - The selection of strollers in Poland is A class, premium, number 1 - and so are the prices - for new strollers. There is a pretty good second hand market (via internet) but if you need it for the trip, you have to buy it there.

    One last thing, do you or your husband wear contact lenses?