Thursday, October 2, 2014

Your questions.

I get a lot of email from readers. I'd say that half of them are the "I know exactly what you're talking about, I have been there!" kind, and those are great. It can be a lonely place to enter a new country and feel like you're the first to do so. You're not! I promise! But sometimes it feels like it.... the other emails I get are often questions. Most of the questions are in the vein of... "my husband and I are thinking of moving to Poland can you tell me..." or "My wife and I are transplanting ourselves and our kids to Poland next year and plan on homeschooling, can we do it ...?" These are also great emails to receive because sometime our sanity is questioned by those around us. And yet, at least once a month I hear from people who are choosing to do just that and they want to end up here, in Poland So, you know, we're trendy.  Always nice to be on the cutting edge of something. ;)

So, maybe some of you all have questions. I don't know. Maybe. Post away. I can't promise that I will answer all of them. But as for me, I often have questions for Poles/Poland. I wish I had a place to ask them all.

In the spirit of "going first" here are a few questions for my Polish, living in Poland, (or not, I guess), readers....

- What's with the crazy hair? (especially the whole, only one half of the head shaved)
- Why do they make the "L" drivers drive so slowly?!
- Why do so many people have their children sit in the front seat of the car and their spouse/other adult in the back? Isn't that dangerous?

There ya go. Curiosity. I've got lots more but we'll start slow.


  1. Don't know about the hair but about the L drivers - no one made me drive slowly, I personally was too scared to rapidly accelerate. I never got my licence though.

    About the kid in the front - it's kinda dangerous but you also have an eye and are able to talk with him or her.

  2. I'll take a shot at #3 - I think it's because lots of people still don't wear seat belts in the back seats... so between the front seat with seat belts and the back seat without, the front is safer.

    I like the half-shaved heads and mullets walking around (probably more of them in my parts neck of the woods than in Krakow)... It makes it that I really don't care how bad my morning hair looks before I leave the house :)


  3. 1. Why not crazy hair? I made mine purple today. :D
    2. I don't know. I drive slowly too.
    3. People are stupid.

  4. I have a guess about the hairstyle. In Kraków there is a lot of groups that do historical reenactment so if you see somebody looking like this : there is a possibility that they are vikings or slavs haha :)
    The festivals are fun to see especially when u have kinds.

  5. I will answer all your questions when I'm back. Greetings from
    C.I. :-)