Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rancho Texas! Dębniki Days, country music... kind of like home.

In Krakow there are "districts" of the city, kind of like neighborhoods although they span more than just a few streets. You know, districts. Often these different districts will celebrate the anniversary of the district or just sort of throw a big party to celebrate the area. We don't live in Dębniki. It's actually a really nice area of town and it has a little city center that we would love to own a piece of in the future but I'm pretty sure that's down on like number 8 or 9 on our property acquiring list (we have a list, oh yes, we do, and while it's true we're still working on #1, we might make it to number 3 before we die so the list is relevant!). And seeing as how I don't have my own ranch in Texas yet (that's #2 - I have high hopes), we have to settle for just pretending to live near the area by crashing their big ol' party.

The theme this year: Country Style!

Awesome. (and a bit scary, I'm not gonna lie... there was much talk of how much this "Texas style" would be *Polified...)

The festivities were held at a restaurant called... get this... Rancho Texas!!!

Yeeeeah, buddy.

The music, at least right when we got there, luckily, was country-ish (not so much later on when some local ladies had a mini American Idol thing goin' on. sigh), the food was typical Polish sausage type stuff, which is as close to Bar-B-Q as it comes without actually having real Bar-B-Q. They had beer on tap, out of plastic cups. Straight up Texas style right there. And there were even horses for the children to ride! We loved it. I loved it. It was a fun time. I even spotted a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots. I didn't wear mine of course, that would have been a little too cliche and I am far too cool for that, ;), but I was glad to see someone else sportin' a pair of really not practical footwear, all in the name of neighborhood solidarity.

If you blurred your eyes for a minute, took in the smells of roasting animal flesh and slightly stale beer, the sounds of country music played on acoustic guitars, and didn't listen to a durn thing any real life person was sayin', it was almost like being back home at a really small, tiny, backyard state fair.

I also have to take this moment to give a nod to my husband who misses all of these Texan things just as much as I do and who took the time to seek it out and plan for us to go. Thanks, hon, sorry I wouldn't two-step with you, I don't like to call attention to our freak show of a family any more than I have to. ;)






Ignore me picking food out of my teeth and the FLY IN MY CONDIMENTS and just listen to the music...

* polified
pr. (poe - lih - fied)
past tense
to make more Polish as by adding Polish food, custom, or taste to an already existing item of different ethnic/regional origin

: Susan polified her lasagna by inserting a layer of cabbage between the mozzarella and cottage cheese.

: The  polification of the home was complete with the addition of the wiatrolap and one large wall without windows.

: The mayor order 23 more directional signs and advertisements to be added to main street in an attempt to polify the city.


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