Monday, August 4, 2014

To Martin, from Olivia

I'm going to assume you're alive since your email insinuates that you got to Austin and were missing something that someone there wanted which you could only know if someone there is going through the bags. I really don't like the way Lina was sent off. She had too few underwear, the skirt she was wearing was falling apart and she really only has enough clothes for half the amount of days you are supposed to be there. So please say/do whatever you can to apologize for making your mom do laundry for Lina, but I wanted her to pack lightly. Also, she needs shoes for the wedding. And a dress for the rehearsal dinner. She should have taken her pink dress, I just didn't think about it at the time. Target should have a dress that will do just fine. I wish I was there to pick it out. :(

I made biscuits yesterday. The creme ones. We ate the rest of them for breakfast this morning because without you here, there is so much more food when I cook. And I made potato pancakes last night. With Smietana. I ate way too many, because you weren't here to eat them all. I would be huge if you were not around.

I ordered Tesco. I'll email you after 1 pm to let you know the Tesco guy didn't abduct us. I'm sure it will be fine but he has a big van and I bet no one would hear the screams. Wait, isn't that van air conditioned? Maybe I'll just ask him if I can ride in the back for a few hours.

It is so incredibly quiet here. Yesterday was such a peaceful day and today is already so calm. The kids are so calm when it's just me, they don't have to fight you for my attention and of course, there is no fighting, since Lina is kind of the fulcrum for that teeter totter. And there is no one yelling at me all day... I think Kacio is a little bored though The boys are just reading all day long. Mattimeo came yesterday (thank goodness) and ever since both boys have just been laying around reading. I'm trying to spend more time with Kacio. He helped me cook, he painted, he cleaned dishes in a big sink sing full of soapy water. He pooped about 5 times. He watched Bob the builder. We played two games, read books with Hejjo. Watched Shaun the sheep.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Amiqs on the tram. Parking at M1 and then riding the rest of the way (I checked the jakdojadlgjyfvgf - the 4 goes that way - takes forever). The kids will like that. That is, as long as I'm not in the back of the Tesco van being smuggled to Russia...
We had a huge storm here yesterday and I'm pretty sure that two lightning strikes were actually in the backyard. It's hard to see the backyard from the top story but we stood on our tiptoes and watched the lightning. Twice, when we were in the living room, it was that really loud cracking sound and a blue light, really close, and the thunder was amazing! No hail. And it rained forever, really hard. It's much cooler today, although I know it will warm up. 

Why do the kids wake up so early?

I hope your trip went smoothly. Say hi to everyone there for us. 

Tell Lina I love her and remind her to sit like a lady and brush her hair, please. And her teeth! And say please and thank you...

I love you!


“Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.”
Saint Benedict

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