Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To Martin, From Olivia : Our Day (aka, Day 3 without you)

Today was much better than yesterday. I got way more sleep and the weather was cooler. It just gets so hot up here! What do people in 4th floor flats do?!

Speaking of Poland and climate, why don't Poles put screens on their windows? Is there some sort of old wives tale about flies in your house/food/hair/drink being good luck or something? Fruit flies, Martin, fruit flies. And I'm pretty sure pregnant flies, giving birth somewhere where I can't see them. At this very moment.

And don't worry, I took out the trash and the recycling... I'm so glad I'm not the man who has to pick up our trash, God bless them.

Speaking of trash, the boys vacuumed the floors today. They pretended I was the master and they were the slaves and they had to do everything I said. Worked great for Kacio. For once he did everything I told him to do with no stalling. They vacuumed and then commenced to suck each others shirts into the vacuum cleaner, but then that's half the fun. They were also supposed to clean their room. I think one of them didn't get the memo...


We went to M1 as promised and looked at games. So expensive!! And Felix still has his heart set on Magia i Miecz so we decided not to buy anything until we talk to your cousins about that. Soon hopefully. I also bought the elastic I needed. I had no idea what the word for elastic was, I meant to look it up before we left but forgot. Hejjo didn't know either, and why would he? But it didn't matter. The woman did not speak a single word to me the entire time she was helping me. She grunted a couple times. But I guess she understood? It was at that creepy Pasmanteria that I swear has the exact same fabric in the exact same amounts as when we moved here. How does that place stay in business? How do any of them stay in business?!! (I'm tellin' launderin' has to be...there is no way there are that many people that need Firanki out there that don't already have them, to keep these places in business...although there are a lot of polyester pant suits out there and someone has to be sewing them...)

I bought 2 yards, for less than 1 American dollar. What a country.

We ate at that same restaurant where we ate that time Felix got lost. The food was worse than I remembered  but the kids liked it and my Zurek was ok. I ordered a Duzy Kotlet and fries for all of them (it was not the healthiest day of eating)... so we also had our evening meal sewn up.



We took the #4 tram to Amiqs. I started to get really worried when it headed towards the Old Town and then I realized that it was just a really long trip... it took us almost 40 minutes to get there. Hejjo was seriously ill from the smell on the tram when we got out. Poor kid. They were not as happy riding the tram as I thought they'd be. 
023 027 015

I bought some yarn, attempted to get the Hobbits boys haircuts, but it didn't work out. 

We got back on the tram, Kacio fell asleep. Hejjo gave up his seat for an older man with a cane, without me even having to tell him. I was proud.

Sound bites once departing the tram:
H: The second tram smelled even worse than the first.
F: Wouldn't it have been faster if we had just taken the car?
K: That wasn't scary, that wasn't scary tram ride, mama, that wasn't scary, right, mama, that wasn't scary, right? (breathe)
Me: Right.

We got the ice cream that was promised. They were so well behaved all day, they really were. We never got flustered, we stopped for lots of drinks and I made sure and take potty breaks so there were no emergencies. It was really nice to just hang out with them. No rushing. Such great kids we have.


Then I pushed my luck and took them into H&M. Gotta love those lines at the checkout.  I bought this... 

...except the pants I bought are a different color, a different material, and less tight. And my shirt is longer and doesn't have roses all over it. So, like, the same, but, like, different too.

Then we came back to the car where Felek stopped, basically in the middle of the road, almost getting hit, because he found a "ladybug wrestling an ant and wanted a closer look."  The kid can't find a red pillow on a  white couch but he can spot an ant and a ladybug wrestling?! Dude. Grrbbles.


On the way home I saw a man on a bike, about 65 years old, with ear buds in and in one hand, (the one not steering), a 5 foot long completely rusted rod of metal except in cube form, not cylinder. 

And a 'Smart' car with 4 doors and 5 seats. What's. the point.

We came home and I let the boys watch Episode 6 of Star Wars and this happened.

I hope you had a relatively easy day at work and are enjoying your time there. Thanks for chatting with my dad, I'm sure he appreciated it. Tell Lina I said hi and that I love her!

P.S. On the way to Amiqs I saw an "L" driver almost hit a pedestrian. I'm pretty sure the teacher used his own brake and the pedestrian thought it was hilarious and started laughing. 20 something guy, trendy, Ronaldo type hair, eating ice cream on a stick. It made me laugh.

P.P.S. She was there too. Like this, in the wrap for 4.5 hours. Never once made a peep.



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  2. Hey Olivia -- just wanted to let you know that Robin Williams died today (8/11/14) ...wasn't sure if you knew / heard...