Wednesday, May 28, 2014








I told my sister before we moved here that in Poland you can pretty much stick anything in the ground and it will grow, without much help or care from humans. There was a lot eye rolling involved but I must say, upon returning and seeing how well our strawberries and pozomki are doing , I believe I am vindicated. ;)  And of course the cherries, which I had no hand in planting but will be more than happy to harvest. Lina pointed out the Weronisia has cherries on her shirt, and wanted to take a picture. She loves her little sister.


  1. I tried to describe the taste of poziomki to my hubby (him who grew up on gassed-to-ripen-California berries) and failed...It brings back memories of those early days of summer, stumbling upon a wild patch in the neighboring woods while walking hand-in-hand with my dad...Heaven.

    Stop with those kids' pics already - cannot take all that cuteness so early in the morning!

  2. Good to see you back Olivia! I am glad we got the chance to meet in Austin:)
    As for poziomki, they are heavenly, I hope to taste them in heaven some day! The Polish, wild blueberries are awesome too...

    1. We had two blueberry bushes planted, one American and one Polish... they both got run over by the lawn mower when someone else mowed while we were gone. :( Oh well. Maybe next year. And they are delicious... we buy them on the side of the road from children, apparently Martin used to try to do that as well when he was little. I don't think he sold much. :)