Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back in Poland

 Martin and I were talking about how our expectations  are much more... mundane this time, but in a good way. We know our limitations here. We also know the benefits. We know where to buy things, where to eat out, and what we can and can't do. Those were a big deal before. I spent a large amount of time in the beginning, almost 2 years ago, scrambling, trying to hunt down where to buy things, where to get the best prices, where to find the odds and ends that would make our house a home. I also had to learn the routes to stores and restaurants, and now, well, returning, I already know all of those things. There is less anxiety, but also less excitement, but again, in a good way.

We are returning with a whole new person and a lot more stuff for that whole new person, but also thanks to three holidays, a Baptism, a First Communion and basically six months of my children being indulged by grandparents. They are still riding the sugar high. And our flat is busting at the seams, even after a good purging of trash and old toys. It doesn't help that I loaded up on English language books while we were gone. I couldn't help myself.

Our house has begun! We will have a finished foundation by next week or the week after, depending on the weather. And I know that Martin feels the same way I do, that the house is really the only place we ever want to be. We visit whenever the kids will allow it without a complete revolt and it's all very exciting. Beginning a house while living in another country is tedious work. I'm glad we're back.

back in krakow


  1. Welcome back!
    You look fantastic and baby V is super cute :) no surprise here - all your kids are sooo beautiful.
    All the best!

  2. Is that Krakow?
    You all look so relaxed and happy - hope it lasts ;-)

    (and I still maintain that your kids are from central casting - they cannot all be so damn good-looking!!!)

    1. That's Krakow! Picture taken a couple days ago on the square. I hope so too. :)

  3. Hey Olivia, Fellow Austinite here living in Warsaw ;) You look wonderful and awake which seems like an impossibility with 5 children. You are a mom superstar! How was Texas? We still haven't been back and probably won't for a few years. My parents have been willing to meet us in different destinations in Europe so that has been exciting and adventurous. I miss the familiarity of Texas (friends and family) and the convenience of acquiring things. I still struggle with finding things but like you, it has gotten easier. We still don't own a car which at first was liberating but now it feels limiting. We are ready to buy a car and I am excited about silly things like being able to go to Ikea and more important things like discovering small villages in Poland. Well, I just stopped by to say hello and say congratulations for your return to Poland and new family member.