Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Review: Picture and Video dump

Some things happened in the last week...

- we dyed some Easter eggs
- we planted some plants, sort of
- someone turned 7
- someone painted her face blue
- palms were waved
- chocolate was eaten illegally...twice
- someone danced a silly dance

red cabbage.. would have been better if we had white eggs but brown was all we could get...the water was a beautiful shade of purple though! (science, art, home ec.)

onion skins... these turned out the best, we also used coffee grounds and turmeric, those turned out ok. Again, sort of need white eggs.

Growing water-cress in cotton balls in eggshells. Basically mini chia pets. They are already growing on our windowsill, I hope I can arrange them on Easter Sunday to look like "new life", something green growing, that would be nice, since THIS happened all week...

The cake turned out great. I found the Cocoa Powder, all was glorious UNTIL I added the icing. The cake was still warm (it couldn't be helped)  and the icing began to melt as soon as it was atop the ciasto. Oh well. It tasted delicious and Hejjo was happy!

Poor girl, really needs some chap-stick. AND SOME FACE WASH!

Palm Sunday! In Poland you bring your own palms to be blessed. Dyed grain, dried palms and dried flowers are all bundled together. Lots of variations include paper flowers, different plants, ribbon. We went classic and simple this year (re: I'm exhausted and these kids are easy to please).  ;)

Saturday morning.

Sunday morning. Clearly he hasn't figured out that instead of taking the time to unwrap all the chocolates, he should spend his few precious moments alone EATING what he has already unwrapped before someone finds him. See that bottle of seeds sitting there, waiting to be sprinkled? Yeah, a friend showed me hers, I copied her, and now we have both jinxed ourselves.  Spring is never coming. I blame those seeds.


  1. The cake looks yummy!
    Oh, and you have v. pretty children.

    Happy Easter!


  2. If that cake tasted half as good as it looked, I'm sure it was delicious. Aaaaaand, I can't believe Hejjo's 7. Unreal.

    Um, Lina? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

    1. Yes, he's an old man. Like real kid. I'm a mom with a real kid. Weird.

  3. Just watched the video of Felix--amazing. He's got mad skills. You should enter him in a dance competition, for sure.

  4. Lina's makeup suited to her blue eyes. Great! :D

  5. Happy Birthday to Hejjo!

    Spełnienia najskrytszych marzeń, wiele radości i uśmiechu na co dzień dla waszego kochanego synka!!! Przesyłam uściski!!!