Monday, January 14, 2013

How amazing can healthcare be?

Today I saw an orthopedic doctor, got an x-ray, consulted with the doctor and left with a follow-up appt. for one more test all for.....50 dollars.  And all in under... 45 min.

I do wish to expound on all of this but right now my foot hurts and I really want a hot tea.

I will say this though... At one point- I think it was after the x-ray when I spent less than 5 min. in and out of the room and then for her to give me the disc with the pics.- that I turned to Martin and said... "is this for real, what's going on here?!"

Shocking. In a good and miraculous way. Shocking. Details to follow.

Now for some tea, and my foot with no broken bones propped up on a pillow.


  1. that's great!....but....I know that I would not be prescribed heparin and progesterone in Romania to stay pregnant (why did I need babies #3 and 4?) so I was grateful to be in the US with great insurance at that time- now, my HMO would not cover it, so...

    1. What?! They just wouldn't give it to you? I would not expect that here in Poland at all, although I could be wrong, hopefully I won't have to find out...and now in the U.S. the HMO will not cover it?! Goodness...that is criminal!

  2. Private health care here is amazing but social - well - not so good. ;)
    We use Medicover. It's nice, quick and good. And not very expensive (you pay some money every month and you can use all specialists and tests they have, including small surgery).

    About progesterone - they prescribe it for almost every pregnant woman here, just in case. Especially if you have some pains or bleeding, or you are after miscariage.

    1. It's good to know about the progesterone, more for my peace of min. We are looking into private health insurance now and i have seen some really great, and not that expensive options. Have only had one experience with Public health care and it was ok. Not enough of an ordeal to be able to have an opinion.