Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back on the wagon.

Or is it "off the wagon"? I guess it depends on your perspective. Anyway, I'm back on Facebook. Facebook is the wagon and I am back on it.

Et tu Olivia?

 For all of you who are rolling your eyes, and sighing the heavy sighs of "geez, lady, come off the whole "Facebook is the spawn of the devil" kick why don't you?" Well, I urge you to not press on. I can't promise you your eyes won't get stuck in that position.

No, no, I heard the cries of "you're a leader among people " and in the background the scoffing of "whatever, she'll be back, they all come back." And the "I wish I could do that" while at the same time knowing full well you would be crawling back with your tail between your legs begging for virtual and implied forgiveness at ever having the audacity to leave. Just like me.

"Oh my gosh, why is she being so dramatic?! Get. over. it."

This is the face I make when I'm thinking this to myself... the "oh my gosh, just get over it" face... (this is also my, "give me a break!" face, my "seriously?! again?!!" face, and my "get to the point already!" face...

But only behind closed doors, and never in front of the children...ok, maybe sometimes in front of the children... (I took about 8 of these shots, all on self timer, 3 seconds, laptop in the living room, each worse than the last. You're welcome.)
Lovely. And now the whole world can see it. "Hooray! We're... saved."

Yep. Made the decision yesterday. Did the deed. It's done. They all know it. I know it. It's known. And I'm apprehensive, and mentally posting rules and regulations on the "proceed with caution" board in my head.  Some day those friends that felt I had turned my back on them for quitting will slowly forgive me and accept me back into the fold. Because that's what happens when you leave Facebook  you know? You lose friends, and not because they don't want you, but because, when you leave, it is implied that you don't want them. I told Martin this is what it's like and he said that was a very 4th grade way of acting and I said, no one is "acting" that way Martin, that is just what happens. Somehow Mike Zuckadkbkrgerg invented a whole new way for people to interact and I have rejected it, therefore I am not interacting, therefore I am saying to other people, by my actions, "you are not important enough for me to interact with in this new way we have all decided to interact." At least that's how it feels, that what it feels like I've done. Deep breath.... . And when you are thousands of miles away, and the world has moved passed even e-mail as a means of acceptable communication, you lose friends.  I miss my friends (and if any of you come on here and tell me how much *you* missed *me* I will punch you in the face)!

I honestly don't know how close you can be to someone when they are never physically in the room to give you a hug. Or ever really there to hold your hand during a big grief, or to bring you dinner after a new baby is born. It's easy to say this is enough when you actually have at least a couple of real life people around you for these things.  I don't have that, yet. It can't be a replacement. I won't let it be. I do know that good friends don't care how long it's been since you talked with them or emailed them, they just want to know how you are and what you've been doing. So there, that's a start.

And I promised I would try harder to be happy here, because I want to be here, I would also just like to be, like, super, like, happy, and stuff... aaaaaaand...IthinkFacebookwillhelp. There! I said it! You can all say "I told you so" and move on!

 Nothin' to see here.

In other news... well, there really is no other news. It's been snowing. We are quarantined inside due to extremely polluted air (I really need to write a post on this!) and I have committed to submitting topics for an article in a Travel magazine. I'm in it for the money. I don't even care if they know! ;) (gasp!! How unprofessional of me! really? really?! me? the least bit professional when it comes to writing?!...puh-leez (I learned that on Facebook!).


Martin's response:
"This is a very "mommy- blogger" type post." (it was the *way* he said it)
"No one cares this much about Facebook and you and your weird feelings on it, you know that, right?"
"What's a facebook?"


  1. It will be a great way to stay connected. When your children are older, it's how you will keep track of them.

  2. I want to hear about the polluted air. Who knows what we're missing here in Poznan, unable to understand the local news.

    1. Yes, it is horrible...really horrible. Like, "I cant believe we are actually living here right now horrible" but we are doing our best to move out as soon as possible.

    2. Lois, just to clarify, the air in *Krakow* is really bad (in the winter). Poznan is in considerably better shape...

  3. Mommy-bloggers are the force of the nation for a REASON! (tell THAT to Marcin next time he says it in that *way*)

  4. p.s. when I turned that corner is when Tommy stopped reading my blog. FYI.

    1. heh heh heh.... oh, Martin can't stop reading my blog, he's too obsessed with Krakow!

  5. what an amazing blog! I found it very interesting to look at my country and city I actually live in,through the foreigners eyes. Keep writing,please ;-)
    P.S. plus: I send you an email ;-)

  6. It's Mark, not Mike.

  7. Hi Olivia, I tried to look for your email, but aparently I am too dumb...we had flu for more than a week - thats why I did not respont to you about coffee. Anyway we are back to (almost) normal - my favourite coffee is actually german - Jacobs, the MKCafe is also good( bordowe opakowanie - i keep struggling with that color in english - doesnt exist for me) anyway we like to make it on the stove( with the ikea machine, or the see trough one - nice explanation isnt it?) I cannot stand the american drip coffee machines. Do you like coffee from coffee heaven( expansive, I know)What about the place on ulica sw Tomasza? Great coffie and cake( for me)....

  8. Hello! your blog is great, I'd love you to join my websites, and you put my link on your site, and so we benefit both.

    I await your response to munekitacate@gmail.com


  9. Hey there, I still came to your blog! But I never know when you respond to a comment. It's just harder that way.

    In other news, I still get people asking me how you're doing, and I'm glad I can say, I was reading her blog and they seem good! :)

    Still, fun to see you on the time waster once again. I was shocked, I have to admit. In a good way.

    Many blessings, my friend. I hope in a few years we can actually see you in Polska.