Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stupendous Saturday tidings!

Hello All,
I hope you had a wonderful Saturday!

We had a day full of fun and good news.

The children and I left early to go on a nature hike and play at a near by playground while Martin met with the insurance adjuster to see if we could get them to cover a new roof due to hail and wind damage.

New pics. of kids...

Closest it comes to all 4 of them smiling at the same time.

Deciding which way to go. They made the right choice.

That's the stroller in the bottom left corner. I carried Kacio in one arm and the stroller in the other to forge the river. I made it, don't worry.

New roof. For FREE! (except for our deductible) Which will make it even easier to sell our home.  I cried out of joy when Martin told me this news. I was so worried we were going to have to shell out 10k for a new roof. How ridiculous would that be?! But we don't, nowhere close. Amazing. 

And lastly...
A "dry run" as to whether our stuff is going to fit in the car which we are taking to Houston on Tuesday to be shipped. And if I do say so myself, and I do, I did an awesome job packing. It is all going to fit with room to spare. Room to spare...ahhhhh... what wonderful words to hear.

This isn't everything, just some action shots so you see what we have to work with. Toyota Sienna's are HUGE on the inside.
 Everything is blessedly falling perfectly into place.

It was a good day.


  1. Happy day!

    And yes, we have a Sienna too and are always astounded at how much we can fit in with all seats flat/tumbled. Awesome.

  2. Hello,you dont know me,but I have read your blog and it has inspired me to write one also, as my polish boyfriend and I are moving to Poland..but from the uk so its not as far! I love your blog,it makes me smile :) I hope I dont sound to crazy. xx

    1. You're not crazy... And I'm glad I can make you smile! Good luck with your move, and look me up when you get there!

  3. Where are you moving to in Poland? we are moving to a very small village outside of Kalisz, I cant wait to move! Iv got a job teaching english and I cant wait to get married and have lots of babies! bake cakes,make jam and re-model our house!! I will 100% look you up :) xx

    1. You have wonderful plans! And very similar to my own. ;) We are moving to Krakow and will be building a house there soon. I am off to look up Kalisz now.,,