Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog faux pas - Around the clock maintenance and Nowa Huta

I have a couple days before my 1 year blog anniversary.  I'm having a hard time getting the whole thing to look and feel the way I want it, so you'll have to excuse the endless amount of background color changes and blog title pictures (The current photo under the blog title was taken on our honeymoon on the way to Zakopane). It is still not quite ready, so I can't promise it won't change again between now and Thursday.

With that said, I guarantee you will want to be back here on April 12th (Thursday). It is the official one year anniversary of this blog and there will be a video that you all will not want to miss. Family in Poland for sure will want to tune in and anyone else who loves a good laugh.

In the mean time I thought you might like a lovely look at the area of town we will be moving to in the immediate future... courtesy of Google Streetview... (technically we will be moving to a little "village" on the outskirts of Nowa Huta but Martin won't let me post the actual house on here because he says it's too much personal info for the www. So practical and safe and BORING...but I will comply...)

Nowa Huta ("new steel mill") - I actually really like this part of town, some of it's architecture I especially like...

 and some of it's architecture is the absolute worst, although bloki are not only in Nowa Huta. The main square is called "Ronald Reagan Square." (originally named Plac Centralny)

Makes me feel a little closer to home. ;)

  You can see the symmetry in the design of the area from the view here...

 This was done purposely to be  representative of the "ideal" Communist town. And apparently the ideal Communist town also includes a huge steel mill (the largest in all of Poland) to pollute everything within a 10 mile radius. Makes sense to me. The steel mill is no longer in use as a mill but it's still there, and slowly being converted to house other, more congenial, pursuits.

The "candy cane" towers of the mill from a distance. You can see how huge it is.

I'm really looking forward to living in this area and learning more about the history myself. Of course, Martin can tell me everything, but I've never actually had the chance to to spend time just strolling the streets, and it's something I want to do before everything starts to become "just part of the scenery."

Remember to check back on Thursday!

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