Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We could always go this route...

 Martin and I like to look at houses online. Our plan right now, after all of the moving and what not (see how I glossed over that part, yeah, that's about the speed we're moving at these days...), is to buy land ASAP and then start looking for an architect to work with in Poland so we can break ground next spring on our house. So, while Martin has off from work, and all the kids are napping (miracle of miracles) we like to look at houses and dream about our own.

Today I came across this link on Facebook, posted by a friend...

Here is just a sampling of what you will see should you choose to click on the link (all pics are of the same house, taken from the website above)...

I sent Martin an email ( he was in the other room at the time. Clearly there is not enough time in the day for me to get up and walk over and look at it with him).

From: Olivia
To: Martin

Subject: We could always go this route...


From: Martin
To: Olivia

Subject: Re: We could always got this route...



That man has no imagination! No imagination, I say!

I guess it's back to the drawing board...


  1. It's a hobbit hole! I would totally buy that. Can you imagine?

  2. I know! Well, I wouldn't want to live in it all the time but I could definitely imagine a "summer home" or something along those lines. When we get around to building a summer home (ha!) I'll def. pitch this idea.