Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stream of Consciousness: Light a match and walk away!

Frustration. I am frustrated. I am living in an episode of Hoarders, except, ironically, I have less stuff in my home than I did 6 months ago. And by less I mean about 6- 8 large boxes less. And yet, and yet, I can't walk through my own home.

I am going insane. And Martin, well Martin doesn't have to live here does he? He comes home around 8pm every night, eats a bit of dinner in the semi-clean kitchen and comes to our room, hops on the computer for a couple hours and goes to bed. In the morning he gets up, makes breakfast in the semi-clean kitchen and comes back to our room to get ready for work, and he's out. Weekends we do our best to get out of the house as a family. Wonder why?

I have to live here, all day, every day!!!!

Please can I just take it all outside and light a match? Why do I have to go through everything and decide what to do with it? It's not important. Most of it is not important at all and if it is, it will be easy to just toss it into a box and throw it in the car and onto the boat.

Before the move got serious everything was in its place. There was still a lot of stuff but it was put away. And now, it's all out. And the walls are crusting in on ol' Olivia. It stinks. It really really stinks.

I'm kind of at my wit's end. I have been throwing stuff away every day and it isn't making a dent. How scary is that?

I need this stuff gone. Now. I can't live like this anymore!

 It's impossible. I'm officially overwhelmed by our stuff. Stuff I don't even want and don't care about and have no emotional attachment to.

Enough is enough!!

It's raining outside. No one will notice, right?

The worst corner in my house, right in my bedroom.. A lovely sight to wake up to. :(


  1. Drive it out to the middle of nowhere. Leave it for dead.

    Or just garbage bag it and put it on the doorstep of goodwill. Do the FlyLady: what you want or need can be decided in five seconds. Put 15 minutes on the clock and pull out a bag. Then when you're done, reward yourself with something. Yes, that's how it is. work for 15 minutes then get a reward. Like potty training really.

    If it helps, and I'm sure it won't be as helpful as I wish it were, every corner of my bedroom looks like that with stuff from Kyle's theater company, Aidan's incomplete baby book and a painting that we still haven't put on the wall yet. I have to move several boxes to get to my books and to turn on the closet light. Disaster. And when you come on Saturday, it will be stuffed with everything we don't want you to see in the living room! At least your piles are on their way out. There's an end in sight!

  2. That does make me feel better. I know that most homes have their own "corners" but for now I just feel like we've kind of given up hope on making it livable. But I still have to live here. yuck. After Christmas I am seriously bringing in a bulldozer and shoveling it out into the street.

  3. But you * look * good! ;)

    How bout I do your house and you do mine? Hope you get much rest over the break.

  4. Have you ever noticed how the hoarders on the Hoarders show almost always look normal on the outside but then you get to their homes and you wonder how they even got showered and dressed in that mess? That's me.

    Thanks! Gonna be restin' it up!