Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey, you have to believe them... they're famous

Martin sent me this email yesterday.

 you have to watch this

A few things:
-          Duvall = awesome
-          Kilmer = Kilmer
-          Enya = Dwija
-          Basia = gold*

*Basia is a famous Polish singer, her song is at the end.

End of email.

My (Olivia) own observations:
Dwija is much younger and prettier than Enya, but there is a slight resemblance. Duvall is speaking of the Battle of Vienna in 1683, where specialized Polish forces were led to defeat the Ottoman empire, which hoped to take over all of Europe. This battle was won by King Sobieski III and  winged Hussars.
Very cool.

I, too, think Val Kilmer is a perfect Kilmer just as he is. When Martin and I were searching for our first house we stumbled upon one in this very neighborhood that had many pictures, large and small, and over the mantle, of Val Kilmer, and signed by him. It was the "Val Kilmer" house in every discussion thereafter. The presence of so much Val Kilmer paraphernalia was disconcerting but almost sealed the deal. Almost.

And lastly, if you could see the setup I am using right now to type this blog post you would cry right along with me at the frustration that ensues when you have to use a 5 year old laptop with no screen, hooked up to a 10 year old desktop screen (desktop itself is basically dead) with an external mouse hooked up to the laptop, that still only barely works. And every once in a while the cursor just does a little jig all over the screen. It's like a life support machine for my sanity. And my sanity is losing.


  1. Um, Dwija = Linda Evangelista. There was a small shrine to this woman in Dwija's freshman dorm room and I would have had a copy of a model's photo who looked almost exactly like me too if there were a famous celeb as beautiful as me! Really, the resemblance between those two is uncanny. Linda = Dwija.

  2. I completely agree. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he just wasn't paying attention and got them mixed up.