Thursday, September 29, 2011

"He left us... he left us!"

One dollar to first commenter who can guess where my Post "quote" title comes from.

Martin and Hejjo left today for Poland, for two weeks.

I hate airplanes. I don't really like airports. I don't like not having my husband around to talk with and laugh with and share the joys of house and home with, but, more than anything... I can't stand being away from my kids!

TWO WEEKS?!?! The longest I've been separated form Hejjo was maybe two nights while we were waiting for Lina to be born and by the end of those two nights I was so stressed and missing my boy's and labor wasn't kicking into "active" that my midwife suggested bringing the kids home so we can all just be together and I can relax...and she was born 5 hours later (the boys slept through the whole thing, and when they woke up, baby sister was right there watching them eat their breakfast)!

I need my babies with me. Plain and simple.

But all that boring, mushy, mommy stuff aside, I am excited for them and jealous. The highs in Poland are in the lower 70's, the lows in the mid 40's. Are you kidding me? It was into the 100's here again yesterday. Change, people, all I want is some change. Temperature, precipitation, I'd take a little dramatic cloud cover, anything. Oh yeah, and then there's the whole....GOING TO EUROPE thing. I mean, We travel there a lot, but I'm not so 'high falootin'" that I don't recognize the awesomeness of getting to go to a whole other Continent. Lucky. So jealous! And they will be doing so much fun stuff, and so much important stuff (to be divulged later...sooo exciting folks, sooo exciting, so exciting and wonderful that it brings tears to my eyes out of joy and happiness whenever I think of it, and now I know all... what's that over there...oh, yeah... 11 Followers... are sitting on the edge of your seats), I can't wait to hear about it!

We will be talking over skype daily. And I have been instructed to make Lina and Felek watch Polish videos every day so they don't go two whole weeks without hearing the language. If I have to, I have to. And if something happens (God forbid!) I have also been instructed not to be mad at Poland. I'll do my best. No promises.

What do you mean "two whole weeks without your fine cooking and your expert housekeeping skills?"  I'll be a mess! A mess! (he's going to kill me for posting this pic. But he's not here, sooooo......)

In baby years, 2 weeks is like 6 months. Will Kacio even remember Martin?

That's Lina saying goodbye. Two whole weeks without her daddy. sniff. sniff.

Hejjo and "Tiff Bunny"

Getting in line.
Waiting in line

Bye, guys! Have fun!

P.S. Stay tuned for a "Nuts and Bolts" about transatlantic travel with children under the age of 6. I have done it, you can too....I promise!

P.P.S, Oh, and yes, we do have another child but he had school today so we dropped him off on the way to the airport. He is right now enjoying a "Knights and Princesses" party at school where the children dress up as Medieval Saints (Felix is St. George) in costumes and eat a "feast" (Felix brought PB&J and Teddy Grahams...what? I packed for Hejjo and Martin all day yesterday...give me a break! Man, you really don't want to know what his costume looked like, but it involved a lot of staples and even more prayers. I promise, I do love my son.).


  1. See, that's why I give out "points" rather than "dollars". Much cheaper that way!

  2. And speaking of weather, Poland really IS just like Michigan. No wonder everyone came here! And Paul is now insisting that HE needs to go to Poland, too. Great.

  3. When Paul gets to be about 10 put him on a plane to come visit us. You can come too. And the others.