Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do they even have that in Poland? #7

Ok, ok, ok. I'm only here for two things. Roach Motels and a case for D.V.D.'s. That's it. OK. Kids in the cart, alright, not much room with Felix sittin' in there... but that's no big deal... we're only getting two things... I'll just take a quick look at the dollar bins, just in case there is something I would really regret not getting...wow, ugh, I wouldn't even pay *one* dollar for some of this junk...oh wow, they have addition flashcards, I could use some of those... flashcards are good right, and I could use them for all the kids, so a dollar is really cheap if every kid uses them...no, no, no, just two things, I dont' really need flash cards, heck I can make my own flashcards, I dont need their stinkin' flashcards...let's keep going... ok, so Roach Motels and a D.V.D. case but I don't know exactly where they are, we'll just go this way and ... I wonder if they have any newer girls clothes, they should have their summer stuff out and maybe some fall stuff, Lina could use a couple more shirts... naw, I don't really see anything she *needs*...why do all these shirts have to be either bright pink or have Disney Princesses on them, gag... whatever, she has plenty of stuff for now, I just did laundry... ok, D.V.D. case....wait, that's in the area with the cameras and the record players and such... ok, D.V.D. case, here they are, one for kids movies and one for adult movies... man,I really want a new camera... they have a couple nice ones for not too much...hmmm...is that an iPad?!...they sell iPads here?...whatever......alright, doing good...now on to Roach Motels... alright, might as well let them look at the toys, we're not buying anything but no harm in letting them look... if Lina actually *got* all the stuff she wants for her birthday we'd need a new house...hey that's an awesome dollhouse, I wonder if we could find room for that... no, we can't take that to Poland...ok, leaving the toys...where are those darned Roach Motels...grocery section!... wait, I think Martin needs new undershirts... I'll just get one pack...he really needs them...ok, one pack of undershirts...on to the Roach killer...here it is!... in the grocery section...ok, get the 12 pack just in case... oh, look, they have school supplies out...hmmm...I do need some more Kindergarten ruled paper for Hejjo to practice his letters...ok, let's find that and get one package, we do need it after all, and we're already here... hmmm...where is that located...wow, it's really crowded over here...ugh, ok, one pack and we are OUT...let's see, not here with the other regular paper, not with the crayons...oh here it is! with the lunch boxes...wait, Felix needs a lunch box and I might as well get one for Lina as well, I mean she'll need one eventually and if I get it now it will keep her from throwing a fit, and she will need it anyway... ok, two lunch boxes, one purple, one green...and two water bottles, BPA free, good... oh wait, better get a blue one for Hejjo since his from last year wasn't BPA free...ok, three water botttles... wait, are those GLOBES? Man, we really need a globe, in fact, I can't believe we don't already have one!...ok, a globe...wait, we can't pack a globe...I'll just get a really big map of the U.S. instead...and they also have one of the World!, yay...that'll take care of that...oh and they also have construction paper right here as well... I could use more of that for projects and stuff, and the kids like to color and paste, ok... one big pack of construction paper... wow, there are a lot of kids here, that woman has on the same shirt as me!... Oh Hey!, this is a great workbook for younger ones to use while I'm helping Hejjo and Felix with their school work... I'll get one of those for Lina, that'll be helpful in the long run, and if I make copies of the pages before she uses it, I can keep them for Kacio so it's really like getting a workbook for two kids instead of just one...ok, out of this section, it is crazy over here... let's see, easiest way out is past the shoe section, could def. use some new black flip-flops...ugh, they have no regular ones without colors ...forget it... hmmm...big bunch up of carts over here, maybe I'll just go through the baby section...wow, look at that stationary jumper, Kacio would love that...kinda pricey...wonder if Martin would go for that...probably not...oh, wait, didn't Martin say something about getting ink for our printer, maybe I should check that out while we're here...that's over in the same section as the D.V.D. cases, ok, better head back over there...oh my goodness, that is the cutest little green cargo skirt for Lina...I didn't notice that earlier...and it's a great length...she could even use it in the fall and in the winter with tights...it's such a great color for all seasons... I know I wasn't going to get anything for her but I think I should  get it...she'll definitely use it a lot, it would be silly to not get it really...and maybe a few tops to go with it...just some plain little puff sleeve t-shirts that match...just three...okay... wow, what a find!, that is the cutest little skirt...ok, now over to the ink...oh shoot, they have like 5 different kinds of ink for Canon printers, I don't know which one to buy..I guess I'll have to wait...but I don't want to have to come back...better call Martin and ask...he doesn't know either...blast!...okay, so I won't get the ink...I'll just have to come back another time... I guess I can start heading toward the checkout...what fun little dresses for women...a little too short for me...but hey they have some cute simple tops...no, no, I shouldn't buy anything, they always fall apart after the third wash and I regret it afterwards...wow, that purple maxi skirt is nice... I don't usually like maxi skirts but this one is super cute, and I have been trying to wear more skirts lately...I should buy it...they only have small, I think I need a medium...whatever, it has an elastic waste, it'll fit enough... ok...I can always bring it back later if it doesn't work out... ok, check out, check out... "Neverending Story" for only 5 dollars!!!!! Every house *needs* to own that movie! For only 5 dollars!?!...and a Thomas film, we don't have that one, great for a rainy day...ok, two movies for 10 bucks, score!...alright check out...Dr.Pepper...mmmm...man, they are never cold out of these little fridges, oh well, I can put it in the fridge for later... you know...maybe I *should* get those flash cards just in case... I mean, when would I have the time to really make quality flashcards for less than a dollar...my time is worth more than that...ok, we'll get the flashcards...ok, back to check out... dumdedumdedum....lalalalalalala...Total $192.53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What????? What could possibly have cost that much? I hardly got anything, ok, a few things, but still... I mean, we've only been here for a few...oh wait, ok, so it's been a little over an hour...but still...200 bucks?!?!?!?! ...  smile like you knew what you were doing...pay the man...take your receipt...don't lose the receipt!!! ... you might want to bring that skirt back...ok, outside...breathe...breathe...what time is it?...what is all this stuff?...what just happened?


I would leave this post at that. I think that would be more "artistic" and funny, but I can't do that, because my husband, who is hyperventilating right next to me after having just read this, demands that I add a post script of some sort so his family, both here and abroad, will not think he made a poor decision during wife choosing time. I am not an impulse buyer. My family is not in the poor house because of any type of uncontrolled spending. I do not have a problem. I don't even really like shopping. I often go shopping and come back empty-handed, but there is just something about about this place that grips you when you walk in, makes you feel all warm and happy (and consumer-y) inside, and has you leaving with a lot fewer dollars and a lot more junk, than when you started. They know my name at the return counter. I'll be seeing them tomorrow.

And thank you to Shawn for posing with me for a picture. It was hot out there, and you have a lot of hair, and yet you paused in your work to take a picture with an insane person. You are a generous soul.

Shawn asked me why I wanted to take a picture and I said, "well Shawn, our family is moving to Poland in a few months and they don't have...

 ...in Poland, and I'm going to miss it."


  1. I know, Target. Budget breaker. Target and Costco. My husband was horrified when I once came home feeling triumphant that I had left having spent less than $100. He's there---with the children---right now. We'll see how he makes out.

    Oh, and I do much better at sticking to the list these days. I try to get out for under $50 which is easier now that the quality of their clothing has diminished so.

  2. The *one time* Martin went to Target with us and did shopping, we spent a little over 100 dollars...his comment..."How did that happen?!" It's just the way of the Target.

  3. This is one of the truest things I've ever read about the human condition :)

    And of course one of the kids loses it right around the lawn furniture aisle where it's too late to turn back so you just have to power through.

  4. Yes, I've had a few trips to Target where screaming ensued. As a rule of thumb, we leave if someone can't control themselves. I used to think the problem was Target itself...but how could that be when the place is so glorious?

  5. Oh, I do so love/hate Target! It is the best/worst store on earth. There are targets here, but they are far....blessedly/cursedly far from my house.

  6. I thought that we Martin in that pic . I thought "maybe he few his hair out."

  7. blah! I meant "grew his hair out"