Monday, May 9, 2011

Five facts about strep throat

1. Scarlet Fever is strep throat but with a rash. So back in the olden days when people got scarlet fever they were *really* sick with strep throat and a rash. If they died it was usually from something called rheumatic fever which can be a side effect of both strep throat and scarlet fever.

2. Some people can be carriers of strep throat but never show any symptoms. Which means, if they are infected but show no signs, they can walk around infecting other people and not even know it. They could kill the bacteria in themselves as well but they don't know they have it so they don't get medicated. Vicious cycle.

3. I had strep throat the weekend of Martin's 30th birthday. I made him take me to the doctor on a his birthday, a Sunday, because I felt like I was dying after two days of "waiting for it to pass." The date was January 16, 2011.

4. I have strep throat again. I waited two days for it to "pass" before I crawled into the doctor's office today to have it confirmed. My poor children gave me Mother's day cards that that said "we love you" and " get better soon" on the same card. Such efficient children.

5. Chewing Big Red gum eases sore throats. Who would have thought?

So, no nalesniki for Martin. No decent blog posts to speak of. I can't even think about anything else right now. Being sick stinks.

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