Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do they even have that in Poland? #5

Kacio's Baptism (almost everyone)

My youngest brother Eli, my sister-in-law Kate and their 3 children- Emily, Leo and ? (#3 still baking!)

Babcia! -Martin's mother

Matthias/Maciej -our newest nephew/cousin

Grandma! -my mom

Doos - a good friend

Auntie T, Silly Uncle Kyle and Aidan.. and Tim! -my sister, brother in-law, godson, and my oldest adopted brother

Melanie -my midwife

Papa! -my dad

Demkowicz family a few years go ... including Gisela!

Dziadek! -Martin's dad

McConnell side of the family (my mom's brother and sister and their kids/my cousins. almost everyone)

Aunt Niki! Martin's sister

My adopted brothers and one of my adopted sisters- Tim, Augustine, Tom and Victoria

My aunts, my dad's sisters - Aunt Joan and Aunt Elizabeth

My Godmother! Aunt Joan

Uncle Freddie! - one of my younger brothers.

Great-grandma and Great Grandpa! (great grandpa not pictured unfortunately)- my dad's parents

Emily! -Our Goddaughter

Adelina's Baptism

Aunt Marynia and Uncle James (parents of Mathias)

Felek's Baptism

Aidan! -My godson

No, they don't. And *that* will be the hardest part.


  1. Well, I don't know what your plans are but I'm sending Aidan to Poland during the summers to camp. At your house. He's very good at cleaning windows.