Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bring it on.

Whenever I tell people that we plan on moving the family to Poland I usually get two reactions.

1. Lots of questions. "WHY?" (general curiosity), "Do you speak Polish?" (I'm working on it folks, I'm working on it), "Is that what YOU want?" (a.k.a. Who in their right mind would choose to do this of their own free will?), or something like that. You know, regular, thought provoking questions, conversation starters, etc.

2. Statements. "Wow, what an adventure!" (why yes it is, thank you), "You will love it, just love it," (that's the plan), "How exciting and scary," (yes, to both of these), and usually there is one or two that simply say... "That is going to be so hard."

Why yes it is... Which is one of the reasons *I* am doing it.

When Martin and I talked about getting married I knew that this was part of the deal. I knew this was something he wanted to do. I could've balked then, I could have said "no way" and forced him to choose between me and Poland, I'm pretty confident he would have chosen me. But then again, he was pretty confident I wouldn't ask him to choose. And you know why? Because Martin knows me pretty well (15+ years!)

He knows me well enough to know that just because something is difficult, or scary, doesn't mean I'm not going to do it.

I am stubborn and I enjoy a good challenge. When someone says that what we are about to do is adventurous. I always respond with "yes it is." When they say that I am brave to attempt it, I always say, "Yes, I am." When they say, "wow, that's going to be really hard," I always say... "so what?" (ok, I don't say that to their faces because that would be rude, but I'm thinking it...)

And so it will be hard. And? What should I conclude from that statement? That it's going to be TOO hard? That it's not worth it? That when things are hard, and you have the option to opt out, that you should?

I'm sorry, but that just doesn't make sense. In fact, if I were to tell you what I really think, and I will... well, I would say, you are completely wrong.

My Bachelor degree was slow going, I got it, and I am proud, but it was hard. Choosing to marry, even when some people around me thought I was doing the wrong thing, was hard. Having 4 children in 5.5 years, being pregnant and/or nursing going on 6 years straight, has been hard.

All of these things, and more, have been really hard. And all of them have been worth it.

Because sometimes the harder something is, the more valuable it is.

Moving to Poland is going to be incredibly difficult.

It will be emotionally and physically draining.

It will take patience and fortitude.

It will take a rock solid foundation of faith and prayer.

It will take courage and determination.

It will take a sense of humor and a willingness to adapt.

And to date I have managed to muster all of these essentials to complete some incredibly challenging tasks in my life, often exceeding even my own expectations.

All I'm saying is...

Why in the world would *I* shy away from something as adventurous and exciting, and scary, and difficult, as moving my family to another country? It's just not my M.O.

Did I mention I gave birth to a 10.5lb baby without painkillers?

I didn't?

Well, I did.

And he was worth every ounce. I can't even imagine how glorious the next bit of "hard" will be.

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