Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do they even have that in Poland ? #1

I searched high and low
every restauracja
and automat
until that fateful day
I found you
in every way
though your packaging
was in German
no bother says I
surely it does not signify
I cracked open your can
with a familiar hiss
I quenched my thirst
but wait
something was amiss
for all the flavors were there
yes, 4, 5, 6
I tasted 12 and then 14
squeezed somewhere
in between.
21, 22, yes, they were all present
but wait
something was not right
high fructose corn syrup
where can you be
for you are what's missing
number 23


  1. i want to know what ska punk tune you wrote this to. or salt n pepa song. it could go either way. if you think i'm sending you DP, you're dead wrong, lady. the reasons for you to visit need to stack up. expect embargoes.

  2. Ack! I love this! Hey, I've recently found a blog written by a former Texan now living in Germany because her husband is a pro hockey player for some random German team (I know...what will the world think of next?). Here's her blog if you want to peek around:

  3. hehehe... Yeah, I've seen DP in some store here somewhere. But I have to say that after my first stay in Austin I missed a lot of things having returned to Poland and DP was certainly not on that list ;-) But it's just me, I'm not really a fan of that drink...