Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's so hard...

... to leave this....

For this...

Even more specifically, this.....
119 2

Goo. Double goo. With *stoggy fudge on top. And the smell, let me tell ya', nothin' more convincin' that my 7 month old's virginal forming lungs are sufferin' than the smell...

...imagine the smell of.... burning ... RUST. Yeah, that's it. Burning rust, not burning metal with rust on it, but just the rust, burning.

Boo, Krakow, and your dirty little not so secret, secret. Boo.

*stog = smog condensed under a layer of fog, so as to wreak as much havoc as possible

**pictures taken on the same day about an hour apart

Roof going up this week and next, windows in by the end of the month/early December, media and interior walls and floors over the winter, finishing in the spring/early summer... can we do it???!!!

<<<cough, hack, argkjahfkfgkj... we have to... hack, cough, cough>>>


  1. I had not realised how lucky I am to live in Gdańsk, kind of a windy city :-).
    How far from downtown do you have to be to take this clear beautiful picture ?

    1. 8-10km. Not very far. Krakow is in a bowl surrounded by foothills so the smog gets held down. It's a beautiful city but unfortunately it's situated in a not so great location. And then the communists dumped two huge factories right in the middle of it. That doesn't help much either.

  2. I'm so happy that your roof is so close to be done! :) I hope I'll see your house finished soon.

    Smog is crazy, we are wearing smog masks in Cracow, when poison in the air is high (we have phone app for checking smog levels). We look weird but when you take off the mask the smell just kills you. Without masks you just adjusting and stops feeling the smog. Yuk!

    1. We tried the masks once. We couldn't find any to fit the kids. But now we just keep them inside on really bad days. The numbers of lung cancer rise every year in Krakow...wonder why?