Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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We signed the contract with the bank for the loan. That's good news. Only about a year after starting to apply and 2 year after buying the land. Some of us might be discouraged by the time it has taken us to get this far. Some of of us might like to recall certain conversations where certain people promised certain other people that we would not be living where we are right now for more than 2 years. And even then, those same people like to remind the others that they knew it all along, and it's ok because the "internal calculate for real life time" time line (versus the building contract time line aka OTHER PERSON'S time line) has the house finishing well into next fall (even though next summer has been talked about ad nauseam), one year from now, and anything before then will feel like a wonderful fairy tale dream. It all works out in the end you see.

You would think I'd be a bit more like !!!! and HEY, LISTEN TO THIS, and much more ohmygoshyouwon'tbelieveiti'msohappyyouwon'tbelieveit about the whole signing for the money thing but what you  don't know is that up until the day of the signing we were being told that there was a possibility that the bank wouldn't have the papers ready which would mean the offer would have expired (past 60 days from first offer) and we would have to START ALL OVER.

Insert this face...

So, rather than a big high five or excited calls to parents or romantic dinner to celebrate, Martin and I just let out the loudest sigh of relief heard 'round the world. Or, parking lot of the bank.

This is the parking lot where we signed other papers the week before. I can double park better than you can.

Anyway, it's done. We can now tell out builder to go crazy, don't stop for nothin' let us know when you need us...

So far...
011 014

They are building the outside walls of the "parter"/0 level/first floor/main floor...whatever you call it in your country. It is, as it should be, very exciting.

On the weekends we have been living it up in town. We saw the 20th annual Dachshund parade (we went last year as well, twice in a row = family tradition). A Pole and American won best male and female dogs in the show. The girl dog was American. How apt.

our cousin playing the cymbals
another cousin, sister to the cymbal playing cousin, on the far right, playing the greatest instrument in the world, in sunglasses.
017 020 021 022 023

028 032

Eating large cupcakes at Cupcake Corner after Mass which is just around the corner from our beloved St. Giles English language Mass. We have been going every weekend lately. Balm for the soul. (I appreciate Martin's willingness to let us go every weekend, when we can). Bad for the pocketbook...those cupcakes are 'spensive.

As Lina would say "the whole family!"

Oh yeah, and school started last week. That's a big one, but I don't have any photos of that. Martin is working really hard with the boys to get their Polish where it should be. They have passed all tests with flying colors but at the same time they just don't think in Polish, and that's what we want. I keep threatening to send them to school for a semester or two until it gets to be like second nature but Martin wants to try this first. We'll see...

That reminds me. Any good books for kids, in Polish, that you all would recommend? They like books that come in a series and they like adventure and "questing" books (whatever that means). They are currently reading the Redwall Series in English but we need more in Polish. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I got a hair cut. So that was fun.

Come back Friday for a riveting tale about my deep connection with Dr. Dre. The rapper. Yeah, that's right. Friday.


  1. He wants them to think in Polish rather than English or think in Polish when they are expected to speak in Polish?

    1. He wants to them think in Polish instead of translating everything into Polish, which is sort of what they do now. They do it perfectly but it's not the same as thinking in Polish and just seamlessly switching back and forth the way Kacio does. When Kacio is with Martin he thinks in Polish, with me, in English. If done "properly" they should be able to speak/think/live as if each language is their native language. Certainly they understand it as native but speaking and thinking is different.

  2. Book series - "Baśniobór" - great! My son loves it. You just have to try. It's really fun.
    "Lemony Snicket", "Klub detektywistyczny Lassego i Mai", maybe "Narnia" books in Polish?
    "Dom tajemnic" (second part will be soon, sixth part of "Magiczne drzewo" will be in bookstores in October also) is nice too.

  3. Hey there, I tagged you for the Liebster because you are awesome! Go here to get your questions :) http://somebodyislovingyou.blogspot.de/2014/09/liebster.html

  4. Great progress on the house! I know it's exciting to see it go from paper to reality... hope the weather stays ok this winter for you guys to keep working on it.

    We expect to move in to our place later this month! (a quick 4.5 years after breaking ground).


  5. Your posts never fail to crack me up. Hahaha! I love how you inject humor into the dire situation that is building your house. Anyway, at least the work has progressed and I hope it picks up pace and the house gets finished in time with your target date. Also, that Dachshund parade is soooo adorable. Thank you so much for sharing that! Wishing you all the best!

    Gail Wallace @ Water Damage Pros