Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer time - Picture Dump


Martin and I took advantage of having Babcia living downstairs for a while and went out on the town by ourselves.

She came too.  Fancy European baby. "What's that?, Europe?!, I live in Europe?!!... I was not consulted!"
Swimmer #1

Swimmer #2

Swimmer #3

Fancy tired European baby.
Spectator. Who dresses this kid?
I do exist, after all.
Unsupervised 3 year old.

My first and only completed knit of the summer. Sigh.

This reads: We welcome you to a festival of hot dogs. Sounds good to me! Hosted by...your local gas station.


4th of July faces.

Who am I kidding? It's summer, I have a new baby plus 4 other kids and I have never claimed to be super mom, the laundry piles and half finished sewing projects are proof of that. I like blogging but it has taken a big back seat to other things right now. Sporadic posts are what we get.

In case you're following along...we got our loan approved. It's a conditional approval which means that we must meet a condition before the money is released but it is a step in the right direction. We are hesitantly excited. If you have a chance and some extra space on your prayer list, send some up for Martin. He is working so hard to get all this put together. We have been told by every other person how hard it is to build a house in Poland, how all the contractors will tell you you're doing it wrong and how every neighbor will have an opinion. At this point, I welcome those comments because it means there is actually a house to criticize! Plus, then I get to wear my "Jestem szefem" shirt! (if you know what I'm talking about here you have definitely been paying attention ;) )

If you happen to come across this blog, or have been reading from the very start, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you're in Krakow and would like to meet up!



  1. You were in Ogród Doświadczeń! Great place. :)

    I send you an email already! :) We wanted to come or take the kids, but I don't want to do this without previous notice. :)
    I'm very happy that your house thing is getting better. I hope it will be easier now.

  2. I wish I would have known about meeting up when we were there!!! I could have brought some American stuff (like Kraft Mayo, JIF peanut butter, and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix -- or better yet Kool Aid and other goodies)....

    Good to hear that your conditional loan was finally approved -- but you didn't mention what the condition was?? Hopefully not your 1st born grandchild.

    If you happen to find yourself in Krakow tooling around, there is a little Czec restaurant that we discovered (oddly enough) on our last day in Krakow... their garlic soup is AMAZING and it's romantic (it's in the basement of a building) -- you should escape for dinner there ... (by American standards, it's extremely affordable)

    It's called: Zlatá Ulička and it's located at Zwierzyniecka 30 (it was less than 1 minute from the apartment we rented whilst perusing Krakow). :)

  3. It's not letting me reply to the comments for some reason...dang blogspot!