Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Problem solving

Last week I noticed our water heater over the sink wasn't working. It still hasn't been fixed so I hand wash all my pots and pans in cold water. Meh.


And the bathroom faucet is leaking so bad that there is a constant puddle right in front of the bath tub. 3 soaked towels (anyone who has to do lots of laundry knows how precious dry clean towels are) later and I finally figured out that it wasn't just the kids being crazy in the bathroom when I wasn't looking. The puddle is a permanent fixture for the time being. I strongly dislike wasting so much water but there is no quick fix.

That's a reusable picture of a cat. An abandoned belt. And empty toilet paper holder. Again with the kids.

I can't solve those problems. Most likely we will call in outside help and most likely, knowing us, it will be several more days until we even do that.

You might remember the post some time ago about my online grocery ordering debacle (skip all the other incoherent dribble and go straight to the picture). It would seem that though I was pretty peeved with myself at that point in time it might not have made the impression we were all hoping for. Fast forward a few months... to this week...

I was in the bakery section (on the computer - the bakery section ONLINE - that's important to remember) and came across some delightful little rolls. Good for sandwiches or just butter and jam. Quite popular with the kids. So I bought 8.

8 = 1 meal for our family.

What arrived from the grocer was this...

That's coffee, old hamburger buns, a math workbook, a bitten into apple, some aging bananas and a pair of baby socks, taking up my precious counter space. Oh yeah, and 8 LOAVES OF BREAD
8 of them.

Because 8 LOAVES OF BREAD is different from 8 SANDWICH ROLLS. In my defense all the loaves of bread look exactly the same size on the screen and I just wasn't paying attention to the price, plus,  I had a  few distractions. This sometimes happens when ordering online. And it will probably happen again. Oh, how we laugh and laugh...

So, I quickly finished panicking about what I was going to be doing with all of the bread and planned a few homemade pizzas and some bread pudding.

No outside help needed. ;)  (bread pudding not pictured )


And for dessert... (from our garden...the basket used to be full)
This picture makes me feel sick to my stomach, like I'm gonna fall over dizzy...anyone else?


  1. Water heater => are ignition baterries ok / do you hear sparks?

    Where to find them => look below => => this blue box

    Baterries needed: 2 x R20

    1. This is totally what it was (I had no idea that the thing even *had* batteries... though, apparently, no one else in my family did either)!

      The fixer guy found another problem to fix.. but he may have been just saying that to make me feel better.

  2. Don't let Martin fix it. He can injured himself again.

  3. Upon seeing the strawberries, Willa would undoubtedly say NOM!!! In the loudest voice possible, pointing and even if she had just eaten an entire meal. Those look amazing. The bread looks pretty good too. Can you refrigerate the rest or freeze them? Good luck with the water heater. That smoky black mark doesn't look so hot, no pun intended....

    1. I've never had home grown strawberries. They are so different form the ones from the store. I'm thinking I might actually just plant strawberries next year instead of any vegetables. I want jams and jellies and juice...

    2. helpful hints --

      1) strawberry plants spread everywhere (knowledge from experience), regardless of where you live.
      2) once you pick the berries (or any berries for that matter), rinse them in 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water... soak them briefly in a bowl of this solution...then drain and put in the fridge ... it will kill the bacteria that gives them mold, and they will last about an additional week. :)

    3. smoky black mark = Marcin holding up a burning match... to light an electrically-ignited water heater

  4. Hey Oliwia, I am very jealous of the strawberries. I miss our garden in Austin, city life is nice but different! Hope you are well :)

    1. Christina, how are YOU doing? Where are y'all living again? Warsaw? I'm gonna email you...

  5. Hey Olivia --

    I am DYING of laughter over your bread debacle....

    I replied to your post from 2011 about a clothes dryer -- if you get a moment, can you check that post and reply back?

    Sincerely, Lorrie

    1. Hi Lorrie!
      Yes, we did get a dryer eventually. It's a condensation dryer (as opposed to American style hot air dryer which has to have a vent out of the house and the houses here just aren't made with them) so it takes longer but it has helped us a lot. I do a lot of laundry and the dryer is extremely helpful. If you have the space I would recommend it!

  6. We aren't there ... yet... we are still in Ohio -- I have 2 years of school left at Eastern Michigan University...but the ultimate goal is to move to Krakow (region). It's my intention to open my own bed and breakfast, so a washer and dryer will be essential.

    1. yay! I fixed it -- I am no longer an "unknown" -- ok, off my little soap box -- :)

    2. hahaha! You know, when you comment, it says "unknown" here a the blog but in my email it has a name so I always think it's spam! Glad you have been able to name yourself here! Keep me posted on your progress!

    3. what homeschool method are you using? When we started (9/10/01), we used curriculum based, but as our daughter got older, we became a cross between Eclectic and Unschooling. I ran a co-op for homeschooling for 3 years (that was very tiring) and then during her "12th" grade, she was doing sophomore college level work with a heavy focus on research papers and term addition to learning both German and Italian...

      Fast forward to today, she is 23 and in her junior year at Eastern Michigan University studying the same field as "her mother" (me) so that we can jointly open a B&B in the Krakow area... with a focus on American Hospitality (yes, Americans have a standard... big rooms, REAL queen size beds / king size beds...not two twins pushed together, etc...)

    4. I use a different curriculum for every subject it seems. I call my approach "Classical education in the spirit of unschooling." If that makes any sense. ;)

      We are trying to get something like a co-op together here. We (homeschoolers) really need it.

      Why have you chosen Poland for your B&B?

    5. We chose Poland because 1) it's affordable 2) there would be no competition for what I want to do 3) my family (grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents, etc) are from Poland -- so when the time is right, I will be a citizen as well 4) I've already done the necessary research to establish there and 5) I absolutely ADORE Poland (this past trip was my 12th trip).

      Classical education in unschooling -- lol.... yeah, that would be ECLECTIC -- which is what I did. :) How many homeschoolers have you found in your area?

  7. Good thing it’s almost summer, so that it won’t really be that cold when you guys take showers in the morning. Did you get your heater fixed yet? I guess it would be uncomfortable, having no hot water for quite some time. Maybe you should call a plumber for that puddle on the bathroom as well.
    Adam Payne @ Williams Mechanical

  8. Oh no! How's your water heater now, Olivia? That leak in the bathroom must have frustrated you a lot, knowing how you are strongly into water conservation. I hope the problem has been fixed by now and that it won't start acting up anytime soon. Anyway, that is a huge loaf of bread! Hahaha! I admire the way you turned the tables, and made homemade pizzas out of them. Yum! :)

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling