Friday, June 20, 2014

Breathing in a stranger's face

Me: Please don't pull me over, please don't pull me over....crap! he's pulling me over. What'd I do? Lights on? Check. Speed limit? Check. Maybe it's because I'm driving this dang van. Dang it, dang it, dang it!

Just smile, explain that you just got here (technically we did just get here ;) , you don't speak good Polish, you live very close. Crap! Where are all the documents...glove compartment?! Where?! And my wallet?! My license! Should I call Martin? He could explain...

Here he comes.

Roll down window.

Police officer: Speaking in Polish and holding up some sort of device to my face.

Me:  Oh, thank goodness! It's just the breathalyzer test!!

Breathe deeply into the little machine. DON'T touch it with your lips. Gross. How nice for him that I was just chewing gum.

Police officer: Dobrze, dziekuje Pani.

Me: Dziekuje!

Happy Weekend folks!



  1. Really!? Just like that? Strange...

    1. Oh yeah... this is my second time in two years. Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings are the hot times. ;)

  2. Ha! Same here - I came across a DUI checkpoint at 8am this morning. Had one a week ago as well (my first one). Never checked in the US after 15 years of driving.

    Happy your blogging again - Congrats on your new baby and the start of your new home!

    Cheers from Nowy Sacz,

    1. i think in the u.s. they have to have a good reason (like reckless driving) to breathalyze you, right?

      the house is coming along...slowly.

  3. Thankfully I didn't have to experience this when we were there -- I would have died....(not because I drink and drive .... not even in the US... but because I wouldn't have understood what he was doing.)

    We didn't drink much when we were there either -- it was kind of strange ... no one knew how to make a good chocolate martini. :/

    got more pictures of your new house?

    1. house is stalled at the moment thanks to banks...but i gave a couple. ;)

      i've never had a chocolate martini, i'm more a beer person, but it sounds great!