Saturday, January 11, 2014

Speaking Polish to each other.

For the very first time, earlier today,  I heard my kids speaking Polish to each other in order to hide what they were saying from those around them. I never know how to feel about this. Martin and his brother used to do this sometimes in high school. Of course no one knew what they were saying, but the fact that they were saying it in Polish means it was something they didn't want others to hear/understand, (which is quite obvious to those around them). I have refrained from doing this for the most part because I think it can seem kind of rude. Trying to decide what to tell the kids...

It's ok.

It's rude.

You kind of have a super hero-esque power...

Maybe I'll just stay out of it.


  1. Go with super power! My husband was born in Poland and he did the same thing(still does) with his sister when they moved to the USA. You can also teach them that it can be rude in certain situations just to cover all your bases. :)

  2. I think it's awesome! (and what a motivation to speak polish!)
    P.S. I would stay out of it. Although... I love the idea of super power :))

  3. Consensus says: Stay out of it! I never said anything. I just think it's funny that they figured it out so quickly. ;)

  4. Yes, it's rude but I won't hold it against them. ;) I know a couple of children who speak German at home. They once spoke it to each other in front of me not knowing (or caring) that I know some German. The conversation sounded like one that involved phrases said frequently by their parents about not eating in the playroom rather than one that was intended to be kept hidden from me. I always try to assume that the conversation is not malicious or secretive but it definitely excludes others in the group not "in" on the language. Whatever, they're kids.