Monday, December 16, 2013

Like a kid in a candy store

Y'all, America. has. everything.

And they make it really easy to purchase all of these things.

And my credit card balance is proof of this.


Perhaps it was not such a good idea to come here for the holidays after all. But who am I kiddin', those 4 (little girl) dresses worth of fabric, baby blanket flannel, and about 10 knitted things worth of yarn (it's only been 3 weeks y'all, 3 weeks!) would have been bought even if got here in May. Ho hum. Guess we'll just have to wait a little longer to put toilets in our new house. Heck, the boys prefer the great outdoor outhouse anyway! See, we are all winning, every day.


  1. Olivia! Where are the photos? Show us what You bought!

  2. I didn't want to bore the general public with pictures of fabric and yarn but yes, I will take more pictures. I need to post some pictures. There's so much sun here I have no excuse!

  3. Hi, I read your blog via David Snopek's blog. My wife and are from the Chicago area and have been living in Poland for over 6 years now. Yes, the first year is the hardest but it gets better. I've been writing a daily blog since before we left .America............