Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family visits


My mom and brother left yesterday after a visit with us. None of my family has ever been to Poland, so I was excited to show them where we live and what we see, hear, and smell on a daily basis. My family has always been  supportive of our move. They trust us, they have faith in us, and they want us to be happy. But that doesn't mean it's easy to have us live so far away. My mom would much rather have grubby hands with dandelion bunches handed to her personally than fresh cut flowers delivered by a stranger any day. So she came here and soaked it up as much as she could.

We took them to all the big sites in the Old Town and one or two outside the city. Martin recited the entire history of Krakow from start to finish along the way and the children supplied folk tales of dragons, princesses, and pigeons that used to be knights. We took them to our land and showed them where the house would be, our plans for the garden and the chicken coop. Our little path to the Church. Our excitement.

Reflecting back on their short and intense visit I am reminded again about how small the world is, and yet, so big, at the same time. Yes, Skype and email create this bubble where we can see and talk to each other every day. We can even attend birthday parties and baptisms, "in person," virtually. But visits across oceans, filling someone in on your life in such a  short time, and trying to show them why you are willing to be here and not there, willing to go through the hard for the wonderful,  can make the divide seem oh so big. I think they both came away with a better understanding, and some memories as well.

It was a blessing. And we are so thankful they were able to visit. God is good...

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  1. ...all the time!

    Had a great time with Grandma and uncle Freddie. Too bad they couldn't stay longer... maybe next time!

    These pics don't really do the trip justice though. :) Maybe our guests can share a few?