Thursday, April 18, 2013

The smell of Poland.

Back in the states, riding behind a big diesel dump truck...

Me: smells just like Poland!
Martin: You mean it smells like exhaust fumes.
Me: well, yeah, whenever we drive there we're in the Passat and it doesn't have air conditioning so we drive with the windows down and the fumes are in the car... this guy's truck reminds me of Poland
Martin: That's not what "Poland smells like"...that's what CARS smell like.

Goodness... touchy, touchy.

No, friends, *this* is what Poland smells like to me...

Burning leaves and grass. Smoldering and smokey.
Food. Frying, sizzling, the air filled with "kotlety"
Exhaust fumes, black and thick, hanging there
Dirt and gardens, flowers, everywhere

(see what I did there, with the rhyming... yeeeeah, buddy)

And it's all back.
The smell of Poland.

Ignore the dust. I do.



Just Felek crying and me weeding. 

You can just see the remnants of the neighbors burning leaves. Ah, smoke inhalation and 2 year old lungs. 

Going topless.

Ditto. (that, friends, is a convertible Ford Escort. This man is clearly very awesome.)

No more itchy tights!


Something in this general direction smelled like fried chicken. And those buds are about to burst. Finally!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I love the smell of Poland, and it does smell like exhaust often :) My favorite smell is the spring!! I have an eternal smile on my face these days :)

    1. Everyone does! It's really great. Sun definitely does a lot to boost your spirits.

  2. Hopefully more fresh air once you're out in the country... Are you guys breaking ground yet on the new house?

    We are on our way to Poland (permanently) on June 10 from San Jose, CA. Looking forward to some of those smells (minus the trucks). Maybe winter will be over by then.


  3. Hahaha! We ARE out in the country...sort of. At least the people here think we're in the country.

    Wow...ya'll are gonna be here so soon! That's really great! How exciting!

    We have the green light to start the house. Everything has gone surprisingly well. Now we are just finishing up the plans (custom, from scratch plans, take forever) and then waiting on permission to build our plan. Looking at June at the earliest probably.

    1. Yup, we're leaving here very soon! We can't believe it... mixture of excitement and a little bit of fear if we're doing the right thing.

      Congrats on the green light to build - Hope you finalize the plans as quickly! It will be a fun summer to watch the walls go up!

  4. Where is chicken coop? This will be great smell. ;)

    1. Hahahahahaha.... oh, yeah, the chicken coop. It will be waaaaaay in the back of the property. Of course, on those especially warm days I am sure the smell will come wafting up into our windows and remind us all of why we bought the eggs from teh store in the boxes with the hugging chickens.