Saturday, November 24, 2012

In the basement with Felix

Me: Felix, you hold this basket while I put the clean clothes in it.

Felix: OK. But I'm a little afraid to be down here. I'm afraid of that thing we saw, that moved, remember?

Me: Don't worry Felix, I'm with you, and maybe we can look around and figure out what it was.

Felix:  Do you they have panthers in Poland?

Me: Hmmm...  I think panthers like to live where it's a bit warmer, so probably not.

Felix: Do they have crabs in Poland?

Me: Well, crabs like to live in sand, usually near the ocean, so maybe they have some in North Poland, on the coast, but probably not in Krakow.

Felix: Well, I just can't think of what else it could have been!



  1. Good picture. My son (9) looked at it and asked: "Why is he afraid?"
    Here is what he has to say:
    I think the thing what you saw was a cat ore a little spider shadow it could be also a rat.

    1. I am inclined to think he saw somethign that was actually not alive and his imagination got the better of him. I hope!

    2. I think he was sitting back there pretending to shoot things...those are gun hands.

  2. No panthers OR crabs? I'm stumped too, then...

    1. I know! He either only knows the name fo two different animals or he saw somehting witha very distinct shape... that was somewhere between that of a panther and crab. Weird kid that one.