Saturday, October 27, 2012


This weekend is supposed to be "doing-something-with-the-apples" weekend. Which means no traveling, no shopping for anything, and no lazing about. We are supposed to be outside in the near freezing temperatures, collecting bushels of apples. Unfortunately the weather...

... had other ideas. And our apple picking friends, family, cousins, and neighbors, are all huddled inside around their fires, waiting out the cold and the rain. And so are we...

  I can almost feel the heat from the computer adapter all the way across the room.


  1. ... I guess it's an excuse to work on house plans. :) Who wants to spend time picking apples now that you have bigger problems of figuring out how to take full advantage of that beautiful view with the perfect layout...

  2. Is there no fireplace for a real fire?! We like to turn on the fake fire from that odd cable channel around Christmastime. The creepy gnome who always sits by the fire disturbs but we put up with it.