Monday, September 17, 2012

Starocie/ Kiermasz

Junk/Auction = Awesome

I asked Martin if we could take our time finding a piece of furniture for our prayer corner. I wanted something that came pre-assembled and had been loved by another family before it came to ours. And I didn't want to spend a lot of money, because, well, we don't have a lot to spend at the moment. So we went to this place that is rumored to have antiques and other "junk." One of the best things about Poland right now is that a lot of people are trading in their old antique furniture (some of this stuff is pre-war, heck probably even late 19th century) and buying new, from IKEA, or other such stores with modern furniture. So, there are many older pieces to be found. A Starocie/Kiermasz store is not necessarily a true antique store per se but they do have older furniture and you might just get lucky and find something that suits you just right... like I did...

Prayer Corner table...

blurry, I was messing with the settings on my camera, obviously I should just let it do it's thing...isn't it just perfect though?! and less than 15 dollars.

Bed side table (my personal favorite)

And this little white cabinet which I just couldn't pass up, for Adelina (we got this for free with the other two)...

We spent far less money than we would have at IKEA for the same types of pieces and my new bedside table is my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house. I love it and will be using it for many years to come.

It was not practical for us to furnish our whole house with antiques and little pre-owned treasures. I would love to have filled the house with handmade and up-cycled pieces. But we needed everything fast and easy to find.  I will start collecting (if only in my mind) each piece for our future home and continue looking through these little "junk stores" for other people's junk to bring home, for our family to treasure.

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  1. Very cool bedside table! All the quality solid wood stuff is so pricey here in California. I'm sure you can also find some very nice antique dining room sets too.

    I'm really curious on your search for a piece of land for your new home. How's that going? I heard property prices have dropped as people are unable to secure credit so some good deals may be had.