Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Facebook Status (if I hadn't quit Facebook) #1

Hejjo: Mommy, can I go to Lego dot com?
Me: No, honey, I am finishing my lunch and then we have to get back in the car.
Hejjo: Why?! We were just in the car!
Me: I know but I have to go vote, and I want to go now before I forget.
Hejjo: But I thought only men were supposed to vote?

P.S. So, how hard is it to vote in Poland? I mean, an American, voting for, let's say, the Presidency, in Poland? Absentee ballots? Mailing them in? That kind of thing? Anybody?  Because voting here is super easy, and the polls are always run by the sweetest old men *and women* ready to usher you to your private little booth with the fancy buttons. Always makes you feel so powerful, like you've done something both secret, and good.



  1. As an American you cannot vote in Poland unless you have Polish citizenship. You can vote in US election probably in US consulate in Kraków.

    Voting in Poland is generally in held in the nearest school or other town building which is nearest to the place you live. Unfortunately the people working in the voting committee are rather neutal or unpleaseant :)

    1. It is unclear...I meant that I would like to vote for American candidates from Poland. I assume you can do an absentee ballot but maybe you don't even have to do that if you can just go down to the consulate... hmmm.... it is the same here, unless you are as citizen you cannot vote. I always thought that was weird when Martin had to pay taxes as a "resident alien" but couldn't vote as to how those taxes were spent. I understand illegal immigrants not being to vote but resident aliens with legal status?

  2. According to Polish law only citizens of Republic of Poland can vote in elections. You need to have citizenship. Other status is not allowing anyone to vote in Poland.

    Polish emmigrants take part in election voting in embassies or consulates directly. You cannot vote by mail or internet. You need to put your sign on paper and throw it into ballot-box :) The same rules are apply to voting inside Poland.

  3. My godson and I need to have a chat.

    1. this was one day after I explained to him that at one time in history women were not allowed to vote, the word "sufferage" was used. I dont think he "got it."