Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sell it or give it...garage sale? Donate?

Real quick.

Garage sale of all our stuff...pros and cons?
Anyone have any strong ideas about this?

I have already given lots of stuff away but I still have tons, including clothes and shoes. I was thinking of donating a lot of it to local maternity shelters and Gabriel Projects but at the same time, garage sales are also geared towards people on a budget. The difference is they aren't completely free. But as the same time we could also use the money.

The problem with garage sales is that this stuff has to sit around my house until we're ready to do one. Or maybe I can go ahead and have a mini-one  with the stuff I have to sell now and just host another one later?

I just don't know. I am inclined to just give it away because it's easier...but there could be money to be made...we do have home-school materials still to purchase...but then again some people could really benefit from them being free.....


  1. We sold stuff on Craigslist and had a yard sale AND gave stuff away for free. The yard sale was exhausting and a hassle and didn't make us much money. Craigslist for the furniture etc. was a good deal. Giving stuff away was AWESOME. So. Take from that what you will.

  2. Hi!How about a group of local moms? I belong to one, which has its website and marketplace, where I get rid of the old/extra stuff.
    Garage sale seems like a lot of work( all the time to organize one?)
    By the way I am so extremly jelaous of you - moving back to Poland -i am polish, husband American, living in US