Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Foxy boxing" and Opera.

Conversation about building decisions in Poland...

Me: I like the new opera house in Krakow, I know  lot of people don't like it for some reason. But I love the modern red building juxtaposed with the old brick buildings. 

Martin: Yeah, but right next door, it's administrative building is what people have a problem with. It looks like a dilapidated "housing project." It just looks cheap.

Me: I guess I never noticed that before. I was too busy looking at the beautiful red Opera House.

Martin: Yeah, and name one, just one, area for people to park, that attend the Opera?

Me: Oh yeah, I guess I haven't noticed any place to park. That could be a problem.

Martin: Well, most people take the bus to the Opera in Poland anyway, so it's not that big a deal.

Me: They do?!

Martin: No! Of course they don't I was being sarcastic.

Me: I guess they could take cabs?

Martin: Yeah, they'd have to. There's no place to park! 

Me: Well, that could be good, right? Don't people drink at the Opera?

Martin: No, you're thinking of  "Foxy Boxing."*

* quoted from the Simpsons and a result of my husband's incredibly quick wit **
** he made me say that

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