Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two cool things!

1)  In Krakow:

A city program that teams up with local restaurants, museums, etc. and offers discounts to families with 4 + children! That's us! The program is officially called the "4+ Program."

You get a special card to carry and everything...

The Krakow "Family Card"

Pretty Snazzy. I knew having all those kids would pay off.  ( I am especially interested in the one along the bottom called "Body Paradise." I am imagining discounts on mani/pedi, facials, massages, you know, things that speak of a "body" in "paradise" and people with 4 or more children obviously *need* those things. Never mind the small print that may or may not say the word "fitness." Never mind that.)

2) Martin just found his new favorite thing on the web... Krakow... in real time. (there is a whole list to the left of the live feed with other options of places to watch under "Multimedia"...I especially invite those who will never go to Poland or who plan on visiting but not for some time...ahem... mom and dad... you get a better idea of some of the hustle and bustle of the city and some of the sights).
 Get your voyeurism on.
     I have elaborate plans to have us stand outside this camera a year from now and wave to all my faithful blog readers... in real time! (since there is no other, easier way, on earth, to communicate, in real time, face to face, with people on the other side of the ocean). Ahhh, technology.

(seriously folks, it's 5:30am in Krakow right now. Martin is glued to a screen of people dragging themselves out of a club to eat kebabs and the occasional tram rolling by... *oohs* and *ahhs* every 5 seconds... weirdo.)


  1. Wait, there is a special rewards program for people just because they like to reproduce?? Heck yea!! Talk about your group discount. I knew these kids would pay off someday... just not where we're headed. Although they are really nice in the airports to pregnant moms or moms with small children. Wish the US would catch up...

  2. I would totally rock the tzaziki off a kebob at 5:3 a.m. these days. I'd be oooohing and aaaaaahing too!