Friday, October 21, 2011

Where I'm from (and there's nothing stylish about it, just the way I like it)!

Dwija, over at House Unseen.Life Unscripted. has passed along this blogger award to me...

This award is supposed to come with 7 things about yourself. I sort of followed the rules. Sort of.

1) When Martin and I first started preparing for our move and talking seriously about a timeline of events, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and, quite frankly, alone. Our families have been very supportive, but neither side really wants us to go. I know that. I assume that they know that I know that. We all know it. It's grandchildren and children moving far away. It's sad, and not as exciting for extended family as it is for us, the ones living the adventure. No one really wants to talk about it as much as I need to. So, being really excited, and dreamy, and nervous, and confused, and overwhelmed, are all emotions that I was going through, am going through, more or less, alone. (Martin is pretty much just excited all the time, which is fun, but not always helpful)

2) Until, this blog. Through the blog I have been able to converse with many people who have gone through some of what I am going through. People who have encouraged and supported, corrected and shared. And some who have just been really sweet and empathetic.

3) Dwija encouraged me to start the blog. She continues to encourage me. Her story is crazier, riskier, funnier and more inspiring than mine will ever be. If you want to get to know someone truly joyful and faith-filled and genuine, read her blog. I especially extend this invitation to my Polish family, because when I read her blog, as often happens with a lot of things I do, I wonder, "What would they (Poles, Poland) think about all of this?"

4) I am still a mixture of emotions about our move. I am still overwhelmed, and dreamy, at the same time. I am still naive about a lot of things, and wise about others. My blog is a great place to share just a little of that. And I am thankful that I was inspired and encouraged to start writing.

5) So this is for Dwija. Because I have told her on more than one occasion that I would not publish it. It is too off-topic for a blog about Poland or too cheesy (as Martin has stated). But I don't care... to quote Dwija... "This is my blog, and I can do what I want."

6) Where I'm From.

I am from swing sets, from peanut butter, and fun dip.

I am from the hot breeze, the big skies, the race to the chicken coop.

I am from the morning glory, the hay bale, and the carrots in the front yard.

I am from hiking up The Rock and blue eyes, from the McConnell's, the Steukejeurgen's and THE The Danze's.

I am from YOU forgot the camera and If you don't hear from me, I'm fine.

From respect your elders and we just want you to be happy.

I am from 1st Communion, Confirmation, and death til us part. And finally living what you always claimed you believed.

I’m from the hills of Italy and the Big Hill of Little Elm, Spaghetti and smoked ribs.

From the baby who wants to be loved the most, the storm chaser and the one with hair the color of gold.

From you can't borrow that shirt, and fights over the car keys.
From poor choices and Reconciliations.
From  sister to Godmother. 
From 5 to 10.
I am from the front porch, where all of our adventures were yet to come.

7) The garden markers were from me.


  1. Oh, Olivia! I love it. Especially #7. :)

  2. Well, you made ME cry with that, so it's no wonder you were crying too! I'm so glad you posted it and so moved that I've managed to touch your life, even in this little way. There is a reason that COMMUNITY is such an integral part of the Church and our lives. It makes anything seem possible!

  3. Thanks ya'll. It really was a fun exercise and sort of restful somehow. Ya'll should do one too so I can read yours!