Friday, October 7, 2011

Do they even have that in Poland? #8

{Ding Dong}.

Open door. 

Me: Hello?
Lady at the door: Hi. Olivia? Right? I was here last year talking about our new Investment Firm we set up down the street.
Me: Yes. I remember you.
Lady at the door: If I remember correctly you have several children, right?
Me: Yes. They're all sleeping right now, actually.
Lady at the door: Oh, wow, I probably just woke them up. (Hee hee).  I thought maybe they were in school?
Me: Um, no, we home-school actually, so they're always here.
Lady at the door: Oh, wow! How fun! I came by to ask how you and your husbands investments going? Do you have any investment needs a the moment?
Me: You know, he really takes care of all of that kind of stuff. I wouldn't know exactly what stocks, and what not, he has exactly...
Lady at the door: I see. Well, it might be good for you to know just in case something happens to him. You never know these days, anything could happen... So, maybe *you* could use our services!
Me: Maybe.
Lady at the door: Do you have a job? I mean a job outside the home that makes income?
Me: No.
Lady at the door: Oh, you're so lucky. I know that's it's so hard to have a family *and* a job at the same time.
Me: MmHm.
Lady at the door: Well, if you or your husbands "needs" change at any time, I'll just leave my card for you and ya'll can give us a call.
Me: MmHm, thanks, goodbye.

Shut door.

So, Poland, do you have these? Because I can't get enough of them. Apparently.

(Random video of Felix lip-synching to a song Hejjo made up one day).


  1. It will depend on where you live. On the list of your unexpected visitors you may get:
    1. Jehovah's Witnesses
    2. People from little towns and villages selling potatoes, onions, eggs etc. from the back of their car/truck
    3. People pretending to collect money for some noble reason.
    4. Neighbors borrowing salt, one egg or a button.
    5. Your friends who know you quite well and were just passing by and felt that you needed a visit, good a cup of tea and herbatniki accompanying the conversation.
    6. Gas/electricity/water company worker.
    7. Homeless or lonely person for Wigilia evening joining you. :-)

    Can't think of nothing else.

  2. Also, I would be all about someone selling food, real food, at my door.