Monday, October 17, 2011

10 bullet points to catch you up to speed

I once had an entire conversation in college about the roots/origins, and overall meaning of the phrase, "soup it up," in regards to cars and what people do to them. You know, like, "man, his car was all souped up!" That just makes no sense...

But, "catch you up to speed," now that makes sense.

In no particular order.

1) Martin and Hejjo made it back to Austin safe and sound. The last part of their trip consisted of over 24 hours of travel thanks to lay overs on their connections. But it was worth it. They were glowing with all the news and excitement...lots of excitement...lots of news!

2) Kacio had double ear infections. Got hives on 9th day of drugs. Got new drugs. I didn't give him those. Hives got better. Kacio got better. The same day Martin came home Kacio was sick again. Back to doctor. Double ear infections again. Doctor mentions the "t" word. Goo. More drugs. Giving him the drugs. Drugs not working. Sleeping with us because he's so sick. Rolls off bed in the middle of night and gives himself a black eye. Finally, drugs working today. In a great mood. Got crazy chop-job haircut from me. All is well. (was told by another mother at the doctor's office that he looks like Jack Bower...I wonder if that woman knows that Jack Bower isn't a real person?) I don't tell me...

Apparently his name is spelled Jack "Bauer" but I have never seen an episode of that show so I will spell it any old way I please.

3) Decided today that the job of organizing and sorting the toys into appropriate boxes and groups had to be It had to be done today. I did it all. Today. All of it was done today.

And now it is all neatly stacked in boxes by the door, waiting for new families!

4)Having your husband and son away for 2 weeks is hard. The adjustment period when they return is also hard. Well, hard for the kids mainly. Poor Felix...such an angel the whole time they were gone. Hejjo is back and so is hysterical 2nd-born-complex-Felix. Boo. (oh yeah, and Felix has to go in to the doctor tomorrow for some booster shots...googedy goo.)

5)  Lots of videos of land to look at with Martin. We watched them ALL the night after he got home. We have settled on a place (I think)! I can't believe it! And, barring any unforeseen difficulties, we are moving forward. More on that later. Very excited!

6) We will be ordering homeschooling materials for next year and this year, in English, and Polish. That's right, friends. Homeschooling in Poland is happening and I am so relieved and excited! This also deserves its own post, but for now, just simply put....I am very much looking forward to getting started with all of it in Poland and am so relieved that we finally connected with the homeschooling community there and that they are extremely helpful and friendly!

7) Martin, without any need for discussion or convincing offered to let us celebrate Christmas Eve with my family this year. I couldn't believe it. And at the same time, I can. He is a loving person and also very reasonable. I also have no problem admitting that I wish this year that we could just have all the holidays with my family, and sort of just see Martin's side on the days around the holidays. Not because I don't like the holidays with them. In fact, I will miss Wigilia this year, I know. But, this is also the last year for a while to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. To miss it will be sad. I may just give up Penitential Meal for Thanksgiving.  It's so hard to choose. So, now I have what I  wanted, sort of, and I am not happy...sigh. P.S.  He just turned to me and offered to let us have all the holidays with my family, without me even asking (as if he was reading my mind)...are you kidding me? What is he doing to me?!?!

8)  I have about 8,000 projects I have started on the sewing machine and knitting needles because, of course, I have decided that Lina should have all new winter clothes made by me, including a Christmas dress, and she will also need warm tights to wear under those dresses, also made by me, and lastly, they will all need warm gloves, mittens, hats and scarves for Poland and I better start now since I am the slowest knitter know to man. Hint: if you want to knit quickly, don't knit stripes. (or you know, just chuck it all and go to Target... but, come on, where is the imagination in that?)  (I have also decided, quite randomly, that I need to know how to do wool felting projects, with the wool and the needles, etc. What am *I* doing to me?!?!)

My little cowgirl!

9) I have to learn to make Macaroni and Cheese, Tortillas, and about 8 other dishes/food items from scratch before we go, just in case they don't have them there or they are too expensive to buy on a regular basis. That's a lot of experimental cooking. I am going to need a lot of wine.

first attempt at homemade tortillas last week

10)  Today was Hejjo's "Name's Day." His name is Ignatius/Ignacy. He was named for St. Ignatius of Antioch, an early Church Father and a friend of Saint Peter's. In Poland Name's Days are celebrated much like a birthday, and even the new trams have a daily scroll on their screens that list the names of the day, so that you can remember to wish your  family members and fellow co-workers a Happy Name's Day. We don't have any traditions in our family as to how to celebrate Name's Days, but I know it will become a much bigger part of our life in Poland, so I am brainstorming to come up with something special our family can do for these days. Suggestions?



  1. I love the name "Hejjo", it's very original! Then, Is "Ignacy" your son's second name?

    You usually give alcohol to men and flowers to women for Name Day. There may also be a birthday-like party.

  2. Thanks! But no, his full name is Ignacy Oliwier Demkowicz. "Hejjo" is a nickname he had before he was born and it stuck around after.

    Alcohol and flowers, huh? Maybe for now I'll just stick with a small cake or something, or their favorite meal for dinner that day.

  3. Name Day is usually celebrated by adults. Children stick with birthday! :)

  4. I see. we'll have to just figure out if/how we want to celebrate. Although I never pass up a chance for flowers or cake!

  5. When I was kid, we celebrated our Name Days just as much as adults. I remember my grandmother telling me that adults (particularly women) celebrate Name Days more so than birthdays because of insecurity about their age.

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