Monday, May 16, 2011

Soup Recipe, real quick

I wanted to post my magical soup recipe. Mainly so I can reference my own bog when I surely forget this awesomely awesome and easy recipe.

4 ingredients

-white onion
-seasonal veggie ( I used asparagus)
-chicken broth
-butter ( I use salted but you don't have to)


chop up as much onion as you like. I like onion so I used about 3/4 of the onion. doesnt have to be finely chopped, you will be pureeing it after all.

saute onion in butter ...mmm...butter.

chop up veggie. if you use something like asparagus, keep the tips separate for later, and I throw away the bottoms.

when onions are sauteed enough (real technical terminology there) add asparagus to the pot with the onions.

add chicken broth to the pot with veggies. IMPORTANT: add broth up to the level of asparagus, just barely covering the asparagus, no more, no less. this will give your soup the right consistency in the end.

let whole pot boil (don't let it boil over! i did this, it still came out fine but i lost some broth... see, i can barely even make this simple recipe...may the saints preserve us) until the asparagus is very tender to the touch.

dump whole pot into a blender. puree until smooth, pour back into pot.

add tips to puree, and let simmer for a couple min. (they will be crunchy in your soup if you only do it a couple minutes. I like this but you might want them more could steam them for a couple minutes in the microwave to make them more tender first)

spoon yourself a bowl.

add garnishment if you want but I didn't really pay attention to this part of the recipe so... a little bit of creme-fresh (ok, thats not how you spell it, but whatever, you know what I mean) drizzled on top, and I think they added something to the creme-fresh but I can't remember what.

You add no salt or pepper to this recipe. No herbs, nothing. Just the fresh taste of whatever veggie you chose, and in the fall I am looking forward to trying pumpkin and squash, etc. It really was good. Martin liked it a lot, and he grew up eating some of the best soup out there. I think this is a really good recipe if you are having guests and wanted to add a little something extra to dinner without a lot of extra hassle.

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