Saturday, January 25, 2014

We survived! (winter storm 2014) and a finished project

Yesterday morning, still sleeping, footed pajamas enter my room...

Kacio: On no! What's thaaaat?
Me: Snow, Kacio.
Kacio: Oh no! Texas jest brudny! Oh no. Poor Texas.
Me: It's just snow Kacio, it's ok.
Kacio: Poor Texas, what happened? Poor Texas.

Yep. That's about right.  ;)

Click Here for photos of the aftermath.

And a couple photos from our own front yard.

Those pink flowers are fake.

Icicles make it legit.

And because it was cold out on Friday, and we all stayed indoors. And because letting my children watch not one, but 2, movies in one day so rarely happens....I whipped this little number out for the new baby. I hope she is indeed a baby girl because she is going to be sportin' a lot of pink.


  1. Beautiful patchwork!
    What happened with yours 27C? :D

    We have today new 40 cm of snow. It was sooo good when it was no winter till now. ;)

  2. And - i just noticed - YOU HAVE PALM TREE! I love palms! :)

    1. Hahahaha... oh, I strongly dislike palm trees but I am totally gonna take a picture of one of the few real palm trees in Austin that happens to sit right outside of my very Polish in-laws house. ;) Just for you!

    2. and yes, that is a palm tree, its just so little and pathetic I hardly ever notice it. :)

  3. Here from the hills in New Sacz it looks like Lake Tahoe in the winter... just minus the lake. Gorgeous powder snow, sunny but cool, and crisp air. You guys are missing out...

    We're off to California in a few days to see family and EAT EAT EAT all that junk food we've been missing for the last 8 months (only the same polish food, kebab and cardboard flavored pizza here in our city...).

    Good luck with everything,

    1. FOOD! It's all about the food. I am going to miss it so....